Jimmy Kimmel joked about vegan Morrissey canceling his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
by China DeSpain
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Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Vegan and animal rights activist Morrissey made headlines on Tuesday when he announced that he was cancelling his appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!.”

The singer explained via press release that he was not comfortable appearing on the show, because the other guests were the stars of “Duck Dynasty,” a program about a family that produces duck calls, which are used in hunting.

“Morrissey is thankful for being invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow, Feb. 26. However, he cannot morally be on a television program where the cast members of Duck Dynasty will also be guests. Morrissey would be honored to play the show, if Duck Dynasty were removed,” said the statement.

Jimmy Kimmel referenced the incident in his opening monologue for the show, making light of the singer’s objections. Although Kimmel claimed he “really respected [Morrissey’s] stance,” the comedian opted not to dump the members of “Duck Dynasty” because, “they have guns.”

He also said that if Morrissey were serious about not being associated with meat, then the singer shouldn’t appear on any television shows.

“I guarantee, when he was on Letterman last month, there had to be an Outback Steakhouse commercial in the mix, right? And that’s not acceptable, so…Morrissey will not be here tonight. He keeps finding new ways to depress us.”

Rather than leaving it at that, Kimmel also aired a sketch making light of the situation, featuring the members of “Duck Dynasty” selling carrot calls and broccoli traps.

“For the vegan in your life, Duck Dynasty proudly presents carrot call, specifically designed to mimic the call of the wild carrot,” said the voiceover. The video then shows the “Duck Dynasty” guys “hunting” carrots and using a large cup (Uncle Si’s Tea Cup Broccoli Trap) to snag wandering broccoli.

The video finishes with the proclamation, “I love yuppie food!” since that’s apparently what a meat-free diet is.

Check out the video below and then let us know what you think: Is this just Kimmel having a bit of harmless fun, or is it insulting to Morrissey and vegans everywhere?

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  • www.foodandloathing.com

    I don’t think it’s so bad. Some hick calls carrots and broccoli “yuppie food” and we’re supposed to be offended? Hardly. If anything, the video points out how easy it is to obtain vegetables — it requires no hunting of any sort, and you need not trick a carrot into being eaten. Carrots and broccoli don’t run, and it’s part of the evolutionary design for them to grow and be eaten. The video really seems to be making fun of themselves and not vegans. These people understand that their products are useless to us, so they invent a way that they could offer a similar product for us, and it’s silliness. People know in both their heads and hearts that it’s better for you to eat vegetables than greasy duck carcass, and they know that vegans are bound to outlive them, and no amount of goofy mocking will take away this understanding.

  • Alphonse

    As a vegan, I was pretty much fine with this. Jimmy’s jibes were either friendly or toothless (the Outback Steakhouse comment was just silly), and as much as I’m also opposed to how Duck Dynasty makes their money, their Carrot Call sketch was genuinely amusing. All in all, this was a fun watch.

  • http://twitter.com/rightandreason Right & Reason

    I’m not a vegan, but I think that people should be more offended at Morrissey’s behaviour. He’s one of the most high-profile vegetarians in the world and his complete intolerance and superiority complex is damaging to the image of the “average” vegetarian/vegan.

  • alice2112

    Morrissey could have shined a light on the obvious contrasts between vegans and carnists. Picture Morrissey sitting next to those guys on the couch. Imagine the conversation that could have ensued? He could have made some light hearted jabs about energy efficient gathering vs. energy deficient hunting (which actually that funny video did, but most people wont get it). And look at Morrissey and look at the Duck Dynasty guys. Its pretty easy to see whose diet is better.