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Animal lovers have been celebrating over the past few days after the EU officially banned cosmetic testing on anyone furred or feathered. Pop star and Humane Society International Global Ambassador Ke$ha is thrilled with the advancement for animals and is using the opportunity to try and convince cosmetic companies that not testing on animals, whether products are sold in the EU or not, is the right thing to do.

She wrote in an open letter, “Today I am celebrating something wonderful, something compassionate and selfless that combines two of my great loves: cosmetics and animals. Today, the European Union showed animal testing for beauty products the door by banning the sale of cruel cosmetics. From today, any new beauty product or ingredient that has been dripped in a rabbit’s eyes, spread on a guinea pig’s delicate skin or force fed to any animal, will not be welcome on shop shelves in the EU.”

What does this mean for the rest of the world? Ke$ha is hoping that the compassion will spread and start a massive shift away from cosmetic testing.

She continues, “To care so deeply about the suffering of animals so very far away, demonstrates something beautiful about the human spirit. So that’s why I’m writing this open letter to the global cosmetics industry, because beauty is supposed to symbolise something wonderful and pure and transformational; something that inspires us and makes us happy.

“None of those things are true of animal testing. Animal testing is ugly—period. There can be no better time than this for the cosmetics industry to walk away from animal testing; no better moment than now, when the world’s largest cosmetics market has refused to sell cruelly-produced products. This is your moment to make the world a better, kinder, more beautiful place. Take it. Join with Humane Society International’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign to create a world where no animal has to suffer and die for the sake of cosmetics.”

We hope that the ban in the EU, both locally and abroad, does indeed change the lives of animals who are routinely tortured in the name of beauty. Now seems to be the time to push forward. Contact a company that tests on animals and send them Ke$ha’s letter, or one of your own. You can find her full plea here.

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  • felisdarkmoon

    Yes we celebrate this win and I’m so happy! NAVS first open my eyes for this problem and many years I’m careful from what company I buy.
    But in fact I confused from this win and what actually mean it?

    For example when I buy Avon they don’t test on animals from many years for EU, but they started to test when gone on Chinese market. I’m confused to deny them or not?!