Whole Foods planning to open health resort
by Allyson Koerner
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Just days after Whole Foods Market announced it will label all GMO foods, the grocery chain is now planning to open its very own health resort.

According to USA Today, Whole Foods is currently brainstorming its next business venture that will be none other than an upscale health resort, which will house and educate guests on a healthy lifestyle.

“We have the perfect vehicle for this. Think of it as a center where people would go for a day, a weekend or a week for healthy lifestyle education,” John Mackey, Whole Foods co-founder said.

Whole Foods is widely known for providing healthy goods for its customers, along with teaching them how to shop and live healthy. The resort is just another way to do that, but will be treated as more of a learning-type getaway.

An in-house Whole Foods eating and lifestyle improvement program for its employees inspired the idea. “I’ve seen it improve the lives of hundreds of our team members,” Mackey says.

It is said to open near the Whole Foods headquarters in Austin, Texas, and possibly within the next three years. Mackey also revealed they are currently negotiating real estate and shopping for the perfect hotel chain to operate the resort.

“It’s an experiment, and you never know if experiments will be successful or not,” Mackey says.

Would you visit a Whole Foods health resort?

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    er that’s whole foods will label their GMO in the next five years, and no two they are down sizing their people so they do not have to pay them health care and three it sounds like a elitist place to educate the rich to me