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by Ali Berman
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Photo: Southern Hospitality

This entire week vegans have been fawning over Justin Timberlake’s brilliant SNL skit “Bring it on down to Veganville”. The singer/actor plays a singing block of tofu who talks a sausage seller into doing the right thing and giving up meat. Timberlake even says later in the video, “Look, if you knew how meat was raised, you wouldn’t eat it.”

The truth is, an animal activist couldn’t have written a better skit promoting veganism. It made it fun, cool, talked about health and ethics and had Justin Timberlake as the spokesperson. That’s basically a dream come true.

Now, Justin Timberlake is not a vegan. Sadly, in real life, J.T. would more accurately be described as the sausage seller rather than the block of tofu. He is one of the co-creators behind the NYC restaurant Southern Hospitality, an establishment that boasts a menu of “pulled pork sandwiches, baby back ribs, BBQ chicken, Southern fried catfish and many other southern favorites.” Check out this image of one of their dishes.

To be fair, a vegan could technically eat at Southern Hospitality. They offer a portobello sandwich and a house salad that both appear to be meat and dairy free. They are the exception. The rest of the menu is filled with ribs, shrimp, fried chicken, crawfish, hot wings and bacon.

Where is the BBQ tofu or seitan? How about the tempeh bacon? We’ve got to ask J.T., won’t you please bring Southern Hospitality on down to veganville?

If you want to ask for more veg options and a bit less death, you can reach the restaurant here.

Now, for an encore, here again is the SNL skit, which we hope might just get Justin to convince Justin to make his restaurant way more animal and human health friendly.

Justin Timberlake – Bring It On Down 2… by IdolxMuzic

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  • marina

    From what I can find on this no one can say if he was promoting it or just being used illegally or had a change of heart as a promoter or what but it looks like he never owned it from what I can find.

    “Attaching a celebrity’s name to your restaurant might be good for
    business at first, but it’s not always the best strategy if you want
    your food to be taken seriously.So the owners of Southern Hospitality in New York City have stopped touting pop star Justin Timberlake as being a partner in the restaurant. “I honestly don’t know if [Timberlake] ever had an actual ownership in the restaurant,” says director of operations .

    “The original Upper East Side location of Southern Hospitality is dunzo. The restaurant announced the shutter on Facebook last Monday, citing (rather vaguely) “circumstances beyond our control.” The Memphis barbecue joint was opened a little over five years ago by Eytan Sugarman, Trace Ayala, and sexy singer man Justin Timberlake, though Timberlake later distanced himself from the operation.”

    • marina

      Ok, found another article “Timberlake began to distance himself from the
      restaurant in 2009, when he issued a statement declaring that he was no
      longer involved as a co-owner.” Good.