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Photo: Butch Hogan Photography/CREE, INC.

Ian Somerhalder has partnered with CREE to promote their groundbreaking new LED lightbulb – saying in a recent interview that the company’s technology will “revolutionize the consumer market for lightbulbs.”

“They use the saying, which is kind of awesome, ‘the coolest invention since the light bulb.,'” he tells the Huffington Post. “And you know what? It is, man! It uses 84 percent less energy, and Thomas Edison always said something to the effect of, “do it more or do it better.” I mean, it gives a 10 year warrantee on a light bulb! 25,000 hours! It’s amazing what they’ve accomplished, so that’s why I’m really excited about this partnership. I really believe in these guys and I’m very fortunate.”

Somerhalder’s involvement with CREE actually goes back a bit, as the company helps make the super-efficient lights featured in his “Go Green Mobile Power” company.

“We’ve built stuff for the Department of Homeland Security, and we’ll be doing it for the Department of Defense,” he says. “We’re really moving into the world of LED, and Cree actually builds our lights for us. It’s a really phenomenal, full-circle partnership between Cree, me and some of the projects that I’ve been working on. I’m really thankful to these guys.”

ian somerhalder cree led light bulb

Early reviews of CREE’s new bulb have been overwhelmingly positive – with MIT Technology Review calling it an LED bulb that “Edison would love” with “similar light output as a traditional bulb and even light distribution.”

Added The Verge: “They’re as bright, efficient, and long-lasting as practically anything on the market, and they look like incandescent light bulbs to boot.”

To learn more about CREE, jump here. You can pick up the new bulbs at Home Depot with prices ranging from $10-$13 depending on the configuration.

ian somerhalder with the new cree led bulb

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  • John Barksdale

    Edison’s bulbs can be used in a sealed enclosure, these LED bulbs probably can’t. At this time, only Switch Lighting LED bulbs can be used in sealed enclosures.