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One could call Steve-O many things, but a jackass would not be one of my choosing. Instead, compassionate, ethical and outspoken seem to fit the bill. In a new essay on the Huffington Post, Steve-O details his transition to veganism and the ease with which he lives his cruelty free lifestyle.

It turns out one video turned the TV star’s life around. He writes, “That video made me consider that I am responsible for the choices I make, that by choosing to eat meat I had been participating in terrible cruelty, and that I was collecting negative karma, which I would have to answer for.”

How did his journey begin after watching that youtube video? He writes, “I began to look for new ways to cut cruelty out of my lifestyle. I stopped wearing leather, eating fish and eggs, and once I bought my first carton of almond milk, I had become a vegan. I never really thought of it as a sacrifice I was making, rather, it was more like a game I was playing to see how good I could feel about myself.”

Since it was a video that made Steve-O transition to a cruelty free diet and lifestyle, it makes sense that he would want to help others. Both by writing essays like this one and by narrating “What Came Before”, his very own video for Farm Sanctuary.

Check out the full essay and watch the Farm Sanctuary video below. Who knows… Your life might change just like Steve-O’s.

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  • YummyNummy

    Sorry, Steve O, the vegan lifestyle also results in the slaughter of millions of animals each year. Modern agricultural methods and farming equipment kills and displaces millions upon millions (at the very least) of insects, birds, and rodents. There is no such thing as a cruelty-free lifestyle.

    • Sara Mathison

      Please don’t tell me you use that as an excuse to eat animals. Eating plants might accidentally kill an animal, but actively eating an animal definitely kills it.

  • Joel

    To me being Vegan doesn’t mean you think your perfect. It means you simply care enough to try, instead of making excuse not to care.