Matt Damon releases toilet humor PSA for World Water Day
by Allyson Koerner
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Matt Damon is on a roll with his bathroom and toilet humor. He has released yet another humorous PSA detailing the importance of today’s World Water Day, and the serious issue of people living without access to clean water and sanitation.

In his latest toilet-related video, stick figures – Damon narrates – sit around discussing astonishing facts about the global water crisis such as the following.

“Quick, what invention saved the most lives in human history? The answer is the can, the john, the porcelain throne, the bog, the foreign office, the Thomas crapper. That’s right, the toilet. Whatever you choose to call it, the toilet not only provides a tranquil escape from nagging bosses, spouses and children, it’s also a fast and sanitary way to dispose of waste separate from the water we drink and bathe in.”

Damon goes on to explain that because most people don’t have a toilet they just go to the bathroom right where they’re standing. “One billion people, about 20 percent of the world’s population, defecate in the open. In rural areas the number jumps to one in three and it’s not because they’re free spirits or enjoy a gentle breeze on the backside.”

How about this shocking statistic? “Half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients with water related diseases such as diarrhea and intestinal infection. These diseases kill 10,000 people a day, nearly all of whom are in the developing world … and yes, death by diarrhea is as pleasant as it sounds.”

Damon doesn’t take the water crisis lightly. Within the last two months, he has released two videos about his toilet strike, “promising” to not go to the bathroom, until everyone has access to the porcelain throne. Celebs like Jessica Biel, Jason Bateman and Josh Gad also joined his strike.

Check out the video for more facts about the water crisis, and if you’re looking to help, visit Damon’s water organization,

It’s hard to imagine living in such conditions. Don’t you feel silly for not loving your toilet more?

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