2013 Genesis Awards Benefit Gala
by Ali Berman
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Photo: Tim Long / HSUS

Musician and vegan, Moby, had a lot to say at the Humane Society of the United States’ 2013 Genesis Awards. Luckily for us, we got the chance to talk to him at the event about everything from his love of the new restaurant Crossroads to his feelings about ag-gag bills.

The animal advocate talked extensively about lawmakers attempting to stop animal activists from doing undercover investigations. In a joint interview with Ecorazzi and HappyCow with Ken Spector, Moby told us, “Undercover animal rights operatives and workers are for me the most heroic people in the animal rights movement. Like to go and work in a laboratory or to work in a slaughter house or a feed lot and do undercover work. They are my heroes. I couldn’t do that work. I’m too much of a sissy. But they have been so instrumental in…drawing attention to the worst abuses of animals…I think it’s horrifying that you have well funded lobbyists who are able to shut down the constitution when it suits their corporate interests.”

On a lighter note, we also spoke to him about the new restaurant Crossroads. Moby admitted to being a bit biased since he’s an investor, but perhaps choosing to back chef Tal Ronnen’s newest venture is the biggest endorsement of all. He told us, “I love the fact that it’s a vegan restaurant I can bring my meat eating friends to and they can have cocktails and stay there until one in the morning and have like really sort of like rich savory satisfying food.”

Moby also mentioned that on Thanksgiving he had his 25th vegan anniversary. With one slip up. He told us, “I have to admit, I relapsed. In 1992 I had yogurt. 25 years of veganism with one yogurt relapse.” That he remembers that one indiscretion truly shows that he’s a man of conviction and dedicated to his cruelty free diet.

See the full interview below!

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  • Alphonse

    Dude is solid. It’s always good to see people put respect and reverence towards the ethically-minded, rather than empty celebrities. Also, Moby pokes fun at himself in the vamp musical movie “Suck.” Movie isn’t that great but Moby’s hilarious in it.

  • anon

    LOL! Moby abandoned his vegan dog, sick and malnourished from a vegan diet. True story. I know the story from the girl who rescued the dog when he left NY for LA. Guys a d-bag.