Tori Spelling and PETA appalled by Scott Disick's alligator hunting
by Allyson Koerner
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Former “Beverly Hills, 90210″ actress Tori Spelling is expressing her disgust over Scott Disick’s recently aired alligator killing on E!’s reality show “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.”

On this past Sunday’s episode, Disick visited an alligator farm – run by former “Bachelor” contestant Vienna Girardi’s family – where he shot and killed an alligator. As if that wasn’t enough, he helped skin the creature and even ate fried alligator nuggets.

“Any1 else upset by 2nite ep of K&K Take Miami? Taking alligators life on camera as a storyline&making a mockery of it sent me over the edge,” Spelling tweeted.

Alongside Spelling, PETA is also reacting harshly to the animal cruelty. In an exclusive statement to In Touch Weekly PETA said, “It takes a small man to kill an animal for fun. Although exotic animals are mostly unfamiliar to many people, the pain that they endure is real.

“Kind people understand that these intelligent, interesting animals — who fiercely protect their eggs and babies until their hatchlings are 3 years old — deserve to live with their families, rather than being hunted down in their homes and killed for a cheap human thrill,” PETA continued.

Disick must take after his “sister-in-law” Kim Kardashian, because she is quite popular for wearing animal fur. On several occasions, animal lovers and PETA have asked the reality star to please stop sporting fur. She’s even been flour bombed for her actions. She has yet to comply.

The whole point of Disick’s alligator adventure was to get a pair shoes, which are not shown on camera.

It doesn’t sound like Disick regrets his actions as he retweeted the following on his Twitter feed, “I agree with you. How else did people eat years and years ago? They’d fish and hunt for food.”

He probably doesn’t like the harsh reactions, but hey, if the shoe fits, wear it.

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  • fly

    I wish the gator had the chance to have him for dinner..the world would be a better place without useless jerks like Scott Da dick.