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While millions of viewers tuned in on Saturday to watch the annual Grand National horse race, singer Leona Lewis was raging against the event on twitter.

Lewis wrote, “Fuck the grand national” and then continued, “How about we put down the little twats that running those poor horses into the ground. can’t stand this bullshit.”

For those imagining a traditional race around a track, the Grand National is a four mile long steeplechase with fences along the way for the approximately forty horses and riders to jump over. According to the Grand National website, “The horses and riders have to contend with many different types of fences and lots of other horses trying to jump them at the same time.” Because of the nature of the race, the death of a horse is a nearly yearly event, and in some cases, even more than one horse has perished. And yet, the televised event in Liverpool is watched by millions of fans each year.

It’s no surprise that Lewis, a longtime animal advocate, had such harsh words for the race. Considering the event’s bloody history and that part of the appeal for viewers is the danger for both horse and rider, people around the world have spoken out against it. Perhaps one of these years, there will be enough voices to shut it down.

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  • nickyon35

    Well done Leona for standing by what she believes in..not enough people stand up for animals ..shame whatever leona does there are people so eager to put her down..and such nasty vile comments about her are disgusting ..go leona you tell them because they know not what they do (well they do but its all about the money)