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by Ali Berman
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As Bill Maher wrote in a tweet last night “The #sealhunt has begun.” Those words, to anyone who has heard of the annual slaughter, are heartbreaking. It means that tens of thousands of baby seals will be clubbed, shot or stabbed to death for their fur.

The seals lose their fur as they grow into adulthood which is why the youngsters are the targets. Also, they can’t yet swim so have no way to escape from their human predators. Ever hear the expression, “It’s like shooting fish in a barrel”? That perfectly describes the ease with which hunters find and kill these baby seals.

Maher is hoping that people donate to HSUS’s campaign to stop the seal hunt. Over the years it has decreased in size due to the organization’s campaigns, but the battle isn’t won yet. Maher tweeted, “Please #give $10 to @humanesociety Sign up here to donate via Twitter:

Still need convincing to pitch in? Watch this short animation on what these seals are up against.

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  • Sean J. Michelin

    that’s funny, because wasn’t hunting baby seals in Canada outlawed in 1987, and the consequences for being caught with one on your sealing vessel pretty steep? you may be an educator but you should also educate yourself with the Law in Canada, instead of spreading lies for site traffic…