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Justin Bieber's monkey still being held in GermanyJustin Bieber's monkey still being held in Germany

German Shelter Wants Bieber to Give Monkey Up for Adoption

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The Justin Bieber monkey saga continues. It looks like the German animal shelter where the singer’s monkey is being held wants Bieber to give his monkey up for adoption.

To recap, last week we reported Bieber took his capuchin monkey, Mally, to Germany while on tour. Well, he didn’t have the proper paperwork and the country quarantined Mally. Bieber is currently on tour, which isn’t over until the end of April. Will he go back for his monkey?

According to The Inquisitor, a new campaign has formed requesting Bieber to please do the right thing and give Mally to a sanctuary. Even the animal shelter where Mally is staying wants Bieber to do what’s best for his 15-week-old baby primate.

Originally, Bieber and his team had four weeks to rescue Mally, but that has been extended to an indefinite period of time. Reportedly, the four week time frame only applies if the person in question does not make contact.

“His management team had been in touch and indicated that they want the monkey back which means they now have as much time as they need to get the paperwork ready,” Karl Heinz Joachim, director of the German animal shelter where Mally’s quarantined, explained.

In addition to Joachim, several other animal organizations are speaking out against Bieber’s irresponsible actions and asking the singer to please let Mally be free for adoption.

However, some feel quite the opposite. For example, Jimmy Kimmel is hopping on the “save Justin Bieber’s monkey” bandwagon, as he believes the monkey should be brought home to his owner.

Recently, a bit aired on Kimmel’s late night talk show, where the comedian says if Germany doesn’t return Mally to Beiber by midnight tonight, then he will kill David Hasselhoff. Singer Kid Rock also joined Kimmel’s farce of a campaign.

Kimmel noted Germany is taking something we love, so we’ll take something they love aka The Hoff.

Jokes aside, this is a serious situation and Bieber needs to step up and take control of a situation he started.

“A monkey and especially a baby monkey does not belong on a world tour as a fashion accessory for a pop star,” Joachim said. “It is madness. In fact it was madness to have given an animal like this as a pet in the first place. But sadly stupid things rarely go punished.

Hopefully, Bieber will stop his monkeying around and do what’s right for Mally.

Photo Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

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  • Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida will give Mally a wonderful home. Send him there, Bieber!

  • Monkeys are not pets, they are wild animals and need to live with other monkeys. Jungle Friends is a wonderful sanctuary in Florida and are wanting to have Mally come join their young monkeys. It would be in Mally’s best interest to live there.

  • please this poor baby to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!

  • Margaret

    WTH is this kid doing with a BABY primate? WTH is the mother? If Bieber was really interested in getting that baby back he’d go back now! not when it’s “convenient” for him!

  • Margaret

    PS I do agree with getting this baby to a proper sanctuary!

  • munkieuk

    I agree that Jungle Friends is a great sanctuary who do great work. However, there is an equally good primate sanctuary in Germany who have offered the monkey a home and one in England (the world famous Monkey World) who have also offered Mally a home. Surely one of these would be more appropriate than putting the animal through the very stressful and long journey back to the states. I am getting the feeling from many involved in the campaign to return the animal to the US, that the publicity of having ‘Justin Bieber’s monkey’ is more important than the welfare of Mally. And please dont misunderstand, I am not accusing Jungle Friends themselves of being publicity hungry. But people need to to keep in mind the best interests of Mally and what transport back to the US could entail for a very young animal.

    • Carolyn Smith

      While those places in Europe are good places. Jungle Friends is better because they specialize in socializing baby Capucian monkeies back into their natural families. They have Mother Capucian Monkies that are experienced in and will adopt baby Capucians in this situation. In this place Justin will also be able to visit Mally if he wants. Jungle Friends is not a zoo and the public do not come bother the animals. It is a private place.

      • Kari Bagnall

        Capuchins can live to be over 40 years old, Mally has a long life ahead of him, I think we all agree that we need to find a proper place for him to live where he will be with members of his own species – a monkey family! And certainly not on the road with a rock star!

    • Kari Bagnall

      I am the Founder of Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary and you are correct in that none of the sanctuaries, including Jungle Friends, are interested in any publicity other than the awareness that monkeys are not ‘pets’. I have been in contact with several of the sanctuaries in Europe and they can offer a good home, the problem we are facing now however, is that it looks like Justin Bieber is planning to take Mally out of Germany, if he does that, we need to implore Bieber to take Mally to a proper sanctuary and it would really be nice if he would make a stand against ‘pet’ monkeys! This is not only bad for Mally, it will be bad for so many other monkeys who will have their babies stolen from them only to be sold into the exotic pet trade because Justin Bieber has a monkey! This could end very badly for so many monkeys, and we need to somehow, someway, get the word out there in mainstream media, that it is not acceptable to steal baby monkeys from their mothers!

  • Carolyn Smith

    This is the right place for Mally the monkey of Jusin Bieber https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Jungle-Friends-Primate-Sanctuary/103301979520?fref=ts Jungle friends in Florida

  • Carolyn Smith
  • Kari Bagnall

    I am the Founder of Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary; we are
    home to over 100 ex-pet monkeys who didn’t work out. Most of the monkeys at
    Jungle Friends were not confiscated; they were relinquished ‘pets’. Monkeys are
    wild animals and do not do well living with humans and certainly not on the
    road living with a rock star. Many of the people who brought their monkeys to
    Jungle Friends come back to visit – they are always thrilled when they see the
    monkey living with other monkeys doing monkey things. Please do not make a joke
    of this poor baby. Can you imagine what Mally is going through right now? First
    he was stolen from his natural mother by a breeder, and then went to Jamall
    Rashad, then to Justin Bieber, and now at a shelter, where he calls out in
    search of his family – heartbreaking! Jungle Friends is offering a forever home
    to Mally, we have a ready-made monkey family made up of four capuchins, 3 brown
    capuchins and 1 white-faced capuchin (the same species as Mally), ranging in
    age from under 2 years old to 8 years old. Monkers, the oldest, acted as
    surrogate mother to all of the youngsters; she still carries Dylan (the
    youngest white-face) on her back from time to time. A perfect monkey family for
    Mally. Please Kid Rock, Jimmy Kimmel and Justin Bieber, do what is right for
    Mally, let him be a monkey and live at Jungle Friends in Florida, where he will
    have a surrogate mother, peer play and natural habitats so he can swing from
    the trees, dig in the dirt and do monkey things!

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