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Koala Tries to Return Home and Finds it Destroyed

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In one of the more heartbreaking wildlife photos we’ve seen (that doesn’t involve blood or gore), this koala has been making headlines as he sits in the center of his old home. A place that was once filled with trees and life, but has been totally cut down so only a flat barren swath of land remains.

This is the face of deforestation. At least, the face of one of the animals that made it out alive.

For those wondering what happened the the koala after he tried to go to his destroyed former habitat, it is good news. Lee Rhiannon, a senator in New South Whales, wrote under this image on her facebook page, “Happier news for our koala featured yesterday and rescued by WIRES: two local landowners with safe and appropriate linkage habitat have been thrilled to accept his relocation on their land and are in the throws of organising with neighbouring properties to ensure koalas on their property are protected from threats, as far as possible.”

Still, even with that good news, this koala puts a face on habitat destruction. That forest was once this animal’s home. Before it was leveled. And we’re sure that many others who lived in trees and on the ground were killed as machines came in to rip the forest to the ground. This koala was one of the lucky ones.

Via Treehugger

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  • Jc Rodriguez

    Until when our greed will continue destroying others beings habitats… Humans are so despicable, some call it PROGRESS, but I call it IGNORANCE….

  • Michal A. Kessler

    Please, PLEASE STOP referring to animals as “it’s”. They are gendered beings. How shocking it is to see that awful word used in Ecorazzi, of all places. You guys should really know better by now.

    • $44019586

      I’m sorry, they are gendered? Since when? They have no sexism play, they don’t use gender. It’s wouldn’t be a putdown here, why would you think it is? My cat is an it, because a she would suggest that it has any interaction with human genders, which it doesn’t, because it’s my cat. I mean, do you think it has a name? I just call it Lester, but I doubt it came up with a name.

      • gypsydancer64

        Of course cats have genders male and female. He and she. Not it.

        • $44019586

          No, we have those. Gender isn’t self-evident in animals. Basically they don’t give a crap. They have no gender identity an there is no interaction between genders or human and animal gender. An argument could be made for engendering ducks.

          Of course they have different sexes, but why oh why would you think calling a female cat an it would somehow hurt, damage or put anything down?

          • Guest

            I dont know about your attitude, but is is most obvious you are very
            ignorant and/or uneducated. How old are you, have you ever read any book
            about animals or been to any biology class? Or just Google it!!!!

          • Guest

            Actually I am still in complete shock and can’t believe I’m reading those comments of yours. If you were a child or mentally challenged person, then perhaps I could understand. No, leave child out actually. Even very small kids notice gender in animals and how they very much relate to each other based on that. And not only sexually!!!! But in fact, there would be no existance of most species if it wasn’t for that! Most animals also have deep emotional connections and abilities and are very intelligent, did you know that????

          • Angie Clifton Marshall

            I’m going to assume that she’s being sarcastic and playing semantics. Technically, Sex refers to male or female, whereas gender refers to the social implications of sex.

          • Guest

            Lol, yes, let’s assume she doesn’t really mean it, because, as the rest of the up to date world knows, technically most animals have complex social behaviour which includes sexual or other relationshps within a group etc. REcently it had been discovered that dolphins for example, have names for each other and use them accordingly, like we do. O.O

          • Elyse Brown

            1. You guys are all being rude to each other and it’s sort of sad to read.
            2. Kamee, even if animals are culturally dimorphic just like modern day human science thinks humans are, we have know way of getting in their heads to see how they think about gender. I highly doubt koalas think about each other in English using the terms he and she. It is not taking away human forms of gender that make animals less that humans in the human mind. It’s greed and ignorance.
            3. Michal, was this really a needed turn for the conversation to take? Shouldn’t we all just be focusing on ways to protect the living beings of the world and stop arguing the semantics of using “it” to describe things? I got called “it” for 2 years in middle school because I didn’t look like a girl or a boy, and I managed to come out of it okay. I think the Koalas will too.

          • Guest

            Elyse, sorry to hear that about school days, kids can be really cruel. 🙁

            If you think I was rude I will not apologize, because I don’t think I was. The fact that the truth can hurt sometimes is not my problem, if I am told I am ignorant about somehting I try to see how I can improve that and not get offended, since it doesnt serve me much.

            You don’t need “to get into animals’ heads” to know what they think abou tthings, you simply have to observe them, like many have already done extensively, like for example, Jane Goodall with gorillas and chimpanzee.

            Well, we can see from the example of this story how koalas “are managing” human behaviour and my point is not if they understand what we think about them, but what is it that we think about them and how it affects our behaviour towards them….

          • Karl Malloy

            Gender – n.
            Definition 2(a) – SEX
            You can create a new use for the term, in terms of self-defined or socially defined aspects of identity, but you can’t simply declare that previous meanings of a word are dead and disallowed. I respect gender identity issues, but I prefer that term – as “gender identity” gets the point across with less ambiguity and fewer inane arguments.

          • Guest

            Why oh why do I even bother??? Human race – a disgrace. An ever reoccuring conclusion. Over and out. 😉

          • Karl Malloy




          • Guest

            I jus tpasssed CELTA Cambridge course and am currently attending Preschool Education BFA. Do you even know what they are? Oh, why do I even bother. Google mental hospitals, that might help you. 😉

          • shut the fuck up moron

          • Guest

            oh ure still here. nohting surprises me any more. specially not human idiocy….

          • Lixxz

            Actually, I think it’s sad that most people don’t know the difference between gender and sex, and then have the audacity to tell other people to educate themselves. Of course animals are physically male or female, but gender is very much a social construct, and no, animals do not have gender roles. If you had a female cat, you could put it in a pink dress, but your cat really couldn’t give a shit and doesn’t get any satisfaction for wearing something feminine. Your cat doesn’t understand the idea of being feminine.The penis goes in the vagina just the same (if they swing that way), but that’s biology, and has nothing to do with gender.

          • Guest

            I am going to have the audacity to tell you too to educate yourself. Like I said below, animals have mostly complex social behaviour which includes that of sexual play, roles etc, gender or what ever you wish to call it, it was very clear what this girl meant with her posts. They very much understand it and much more, and it is exactly this kind of narrow thinking that is placing them into an imposed inferior position to humans whereas we should be considered the same. Actually, they are in many ways more than humans, they have better developed senses than us, and yes, their intelligence may seem simple at times, but they are not the ones doing idiotic things to the world, each other, and other species, to the point of extinction or utter descruction, are they.

          • Lixxz

            No one’s denying animals are social. They are still not gendered, however. You might believe sexual behaviour is gendered, due to your inability to define gender outside of your narrow lens of human interactions, but it’s not. It’s instinctual and biological. But no, you’re right. This right here, someone calling an animal an “it” and an explanation that animals are not gendered, this is what is continuing to hold animals in a position inferior to humans. This. Not the excessive consumption of meat. Not the senseless slaughter of animals for fur coats and other luxury items. Not refusing to give harsh punishments to animal abusers. Obviously what’s doing it is those of us who are hurting the animals feelings by refusing to acknowledge how very masculine and feminine they are, according to our own projected expectations of what that means. I’m an animal lover. I’m not sure what you are, other than unwilling to listen to reason.

            Start here. It’s food for thought: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/03/110318112022.htm

          • Guest

            u have just contradicted yourself in several places in the very same post above. maybe try reading your own posts before you post them? 🙂

          • Lixxz

            Kamee, 5 months to respond to that? Really? No, actually, I did not contradict myself. I think you’re mistaking intentional (and what I assumed was obvious) sarcasm for sincerity. >.<

          • You are a fucking moron just shut the fuck up already

    • Guest

      Unfortunately, those are the backward rules of English grammar 🙁

  • Vidhya Vijayakumar

    I wish I knew exactly how to get out of this system… How do we live so we’re not part of this??? It breaks my heart that I am part of this destruction!!!

    • Fran Santelli

      one of the main reasons deforestation happens is for cattle grazing–so not eating meat is a great place to start!!

      • Guest


  • Charlene Williams

    We’re not going to learn anything until we destroy everything for wildlife, the earth and then ourselves.

  • We are destroying the earth and it’s inhabitants. I use the word WE because I feel if I can’t do something about keeping the ignorant and greedy from destroying everything then I feel responsible as well. I’m born in the forties in the Bronx,NY
    so have a good handle on what we’re doing to our planet.

  • Jana Switzer

    Please Think about what You Buy, Use & Really Need~ Animals are becoming Endangered & Losing Their Homes & Lives at an Alarming Rate. All so We Can Buy that Next Cool Thing, Help a Corporation Get Richer or Eat something that’s been Tainted with Palm Oil Raped from the Homes of the now Displaced Orangoutang…. just saying… It’s Time to Think and Not Just Do! Humans Need to Become More Like Animals and Learn to Value & Respect All Life!

  • Tanja Sajovitz Reilly

    exactly this kind of behavior makes me despise the human race and their greed!!

  • *throes…

  • Obvious Troll is Obvious

    I think its a good thing to do!

    Burn animal houses to the ground and laugh about it in the comfort of our cozy beds!

  • okami kasai the wolf

    Awww…poor animals….why do humans do dis?

  • Peterc34000

    If we stop BREEDING our way into oblivion, we have a chance. Get back under 1B people and see what happens…

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