Tiffani Thiessen partners with Glad's One Bag campaign
by Allyson Koerner
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“White Collar” actress Tiffani Thiessen is letting her greenness shine through her latest partnership with Glad’s One Bag campaign that encourages party planners – professional and the everyday person – to say no to paper products and use more eco-friendly items.

Recently, Thiessen threw her very own party with fellow adults and sent only ONE bag of trash to the landfill, in addition to the composting and recycling of other items.

In a recent interview with ETOnline.com she discusses her latest partnership and said,”I was lucky enough to be approached by them [Glad] to do this, and I totally jumped at the chance. My dad was a landscape architect, very earthy in the yard, and he taught me at a young age about conservation. That’s been instilled in me since I was young, so I’ve really tried to live my life that way.

“We are putting so much pressure on our Earth that we need to do everything we can. Every little bit helps. That’s what is so great about Glad’s One Bag party. It shows you can throw a beautiful party and still be very cautious about putting too much in our landfills. We only threw one bag of trash away, and the party was still beautiful.”

In addition to her joint effort with Glad, Thiessen hopes to educate her daughter about the importance of protecting the planet. She said, “I want to make sure there’s an Earth for all our children to live on, and that it’s a healthy place with clean air and animals to learn about.”

She revealed to ETOnline.com that her mantra is “be the change you want to see in the world.” Well, she’s definitely living that way for herself, her husband and especially her daughter, Harper.

For the full interview, head on over to ETOnline.com.

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