Paul McCartney speaks before the European Parliament about Meatless Mondays and global warming
by Allyson Koerner
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Sir Paul McCartney is taking his Meatless Mondays campaign to another level, as he recently spoke before the European Parliament urging everyone to eliminate meat one day a week from their diets.

Not only does the elimination of meat protect animals, but it’s also a huge factor in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. The former Beatles musician believes not only can we prevent global warming as individuals, but also if the government takes part.

For years, McCartney has been a vegetarian and believed in treating animals kindly. He’s adamant that Meatless Mondays can transform the environment – for the better.

For example, we can lessen emissions by saying “no” to meat once during the week. McCartney says the production of food accounts for 20 to 30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Livestock production makes up half of those emissions.

“For your people, for their children and for the planet they will inherit – go meat-free one day,” McCartney said.

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  • Viviane Rose

    You would expect someone who knows what he is talking about, that protecting animals means not using any animal products at all. All dairy industries support the meat industry, they are all connected. To eat eggs, millions and millions male chickens die in a shredder, drowned, etc  yearly. Milk cows who have their children taken away… Many of those calfs go immediately  to the meat industry.
    Some vegetarians eat a lot of dairy, killing more then some meat eaters. Hope people become aware of this… I did five years ago… But once I understood, I made the change.

    I have respect McCartney stands up for his ideas, but this way, change goes slow. Eating more plant based, more organic would make a faster change.