Carrie Underwood tweets anger over Tennessee Ag Gag bill
by Allyson Koerner
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Carrie Underwood is singing an angry tune against Tennessee lawmakers who recently passed an Ag Gag bill.

Today, she tweeted, “Shame on TN lawmakers for passing the Ag Gag bill. If Gov. Bill Haslam signs this, he needs to expect me at his front door. Who’s with me?”

Uh oh. She does not sound happy, and rightfully so.

Ag Gag bills prevent the undercover filming of animal abuse and will place anyone who disobeys the law behind bars. According to the Nashville Scene, Tennessee’s Senate passed the bill with a vote of 22-9.

“The bill makes it a crime to videotape animal cruelty or abuse and then fail to turn in the evidence to authorities within 48 hours,” the Nashville Scene also reported.

This is a disgrace to animal activists, like Underwood who is an avid vegetarian and animal lover, since it allows animal cruelty at factory farms and slaughterhouse to continue.

It looks like the bill cleared the House Calendar and Rules Committee and will be up for discussion tomorrow on the House floor.

Reportedly, a group of Republicans are trying to prevent the Ag Gag bill. Senate GOP leader Mark Norris said, “They support the bill but they should be ashamed for doing so. If you’re truly concerned about animal abuse, deal with the root cause not what people do after they see it. The implication of this bill is that it’s OK to abuse animals. It’s all right.”

Well, Haslam better watch out, because it sounds like Underwood is going to put up a good fight.

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