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Howard and Beth Stern are planning on adding to their large family of adopted pets.

“I’m turning into one of those crazy cat ladies,” Beth Stern recently told People. “Right now my husband and I have four rescue cats from the North Shore Animal League and we will hopefully adopt a dog this summer. So we definitely have a full house of pets and I absolutely love it.”

Beth, a committed animal activist, is also the new host of a Nat Geo Wild series called “Spoiled Rotten Pets.” In an interview with MNN, she says that while the series may show some over indulgent owners, she nonetheless respects their passion.

“I love how people have such love and devotion to their pets,” she says. “I can relate, that’s for sure, especially since I don’t have any children. I put all of my maternal instincts into my pets. I personally don’t think I’d ever adopt a rat, but you never know! How about the guy with over 100 reptiles in his basement?! I love how his wife is so accepting of his passion for reptiles.”

Over on HuffPo, Stern was also asked about her opinion regarding fur – specifically, the Kardashian family’s fascination with it.

“It makes me really sad. I personally do not wear fur,” she says. “I don’t understand someone who I know has been educated on it. I know her sister was a poster child for PETA. I don’t watch the Kardashians; I’m very aware of them, but I do know that the sister was involved, so of course that entire family would know what goes on, what happens to animals when they’re wearing a fur coat. So I just don’t understand someone in the public eye that a lot of girls love and adore who would continue to wear fur when you can buy fake fur that I think looks just fine.”

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  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    Thank you very much for being “over the top” when it comes to animals! We are their voice, for they have none. I think anyone who buys fur should have to watch a video of the animals, that make whatever they are wearing. From start to finish! Make them see the brutality and inhumane treatment these animals suffer through, from the trapping and/or killing, to butchering and skinning, and everything involved, just so they can wear them! Why must animals die? I do not watch “the sisters” either, for just that reason! I think fur should have to have a label stating how many animals it took to make that garment, with a picture of the animal!

  • Stephanie Vathis Flack

    Thank you for rescuing animals too! We have 6 rescued cats and then we rescued a 6 year old pitbull. We thought she would get along better with the cats because she was older. They are our babies!

  • eliza

    I love Beth and Howard for their devotion to animals. But Beth really needs to educate herself on the cruelty involved in her Chanel bags and Jimmy Choo shoes. Fur isn’t the only fashion that exploits and tortures innocent animals.

  • Lilly

    Has anybody heard about RAJU the elephant who was chains for 50 years !!!! He was rescued !! RAJU actually shredded tears .
    I wish Beth and Howard could donate 10,000 they need to provide care for RAJU. PLEASE PLEASE HELP WATCH THE VIDEO AND LOOK AT THE PICTURES of RAJU I never cried so much