US VegWeek wants the entire nation to eliminate meat from their diet for one week straight
by Allyson Koerner
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It’s that time of year again for you to “Pledge to Go Veg” with VegWeek’s annual meat-free event encouraging everyone to eliminate meat from their diets for seven days.

The campaign states, “There are 52 weeks in a year. Why not make one of them meat-free? That’s the idea behind US VegWeek, a nationwide campaign empowering thousands of people—including federal, state, and local representatives—to pledge to choose vegetarian foods for at least seven days as a way to discover the many benefits and flavors of vegetarian eating.”

The event officially kicks off on Monday, April 22nd, aka Earth Day. What a better way to celebrate the special green holiday?

Even NBA star John Salley is getting in on the fun by kicking off VegWeek’s event in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Salley has never been shy about his vegan diet, and in a 2012 interview with the LA Times he revealed this is a lifestyle choice and he will never be ashamed of his diet or for loving animals. He said, “The biggest misconception is that it’s like a political statement. It’s not; it’s just people who are conscious of what goes in their body and what happens in their environment at the same time. Also, for me, it’s hard to not be an animal advocate.”

VegWeek first launched in 2009 with help from the nonprofit animal organization Compassion Over Killing. The event has truly made an impact, along with other plant-based believers like Ellen DeGeneres, former President Bill Clinton, former Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier, actress Alicia Silverstone and former boxer Mike Tyson, to name a few.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, since 2007 meat consumption has decreased 12 percent across the nation.

If you’re looking to go veg for a week, click her for an official list of VegWeek events.

Will you take the pledge?

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