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by Ashlee Piper
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Photo: Papa Ganache

Straighten up from your midday slump! Why? Because we have breaking news in the world of cupcakes.

It’s not news that vegan things, especially confections and their makers, are gaining popularity and much-deserved exposure. What is news is that yet another exclusively vegan bakery, Papa Ganache in Matawan, New Jersey has earned major bragging rights for winning Food Network’s ever-popular Cupcake Wars.

Viewers selected the ingredients for the special episode, where the bakers competed for the opportunity to be front and center at a celebrity packed VIP party for The People’s Choice Awards.

The winning cupcakes ranged from creamy and comforting, like the chocolate ganache with salted caramel cupcake and creme brûlée cupcake, to the unique and exotic brussels sprout-carrot curry cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting and maple-curry reduction and the gluten-free lemon cupcake with blackberry and lemon-thyme filling. You can wipe the drool from your keyboard now…

What’s even more exciting? This hard-won battle of the batters was duked out between four bakeries, two of which are vegan. Sweet Magnolia’s Vegan Cupcakes in Michigan also turned out an impressive representation of vegan delights.

And even more impressive? According to Papa Ganache owner Lisa Siroti, none of the bakers knew when they would be called to compete. In November, Food Network called and “it was all in the middle of Hurricane Sandy,” Siroti said, noting that the two competing chefs had to drive to Ohio just to catch a plane to Los Angeles.

Papa Ganache joins the ranks of vegan culinary hot shots like Chloe Coscarelli and Doron Petersan, who are showing America that a cruelty-free, plant-based diet can be totally decadent. We offer our congratulations, and welcome any cupcake donations.

Source: Food Network

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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  • HereHere

    Thanks for the news. The cupcakes sounded delicious, and it is always great when the underdog wins. It also gives a lot of credibility to the vegan diet.

    • Marie DiGiovanni Loch

      Congratulations to Amy Loch and Justin Rodriguez, the two talented vegan bakers whose creative and beautiful cupcakes won the judges over. They were honored with a gorgeous crystal People’s Choice Award with their names inscribed with the phrase “Favorite Cupcakes”.

  • Raven Cassidy

    They are the Best Cupcakes you will ever eat !!!! simply amazing and you would never know that they were vegan !!!!