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When a fan tweeted at Carrie Underwood, inquiring about the singer’s pooch asking, “what kind of dog is penny?”, Underwood gave the perfect answer. At least, perfect in the eyes of the millions of homeless dogs out there.

She wrote, “She’s a rescue…the best kind! Have no clue on her genetics, though.”

For some people, it’s all about the breed, but Underwood knows that more important than any fancy pedigree is that the dog has a winning personality. Snuggles? Check. Licks? Check. Likes to stop and sniff? Triple check. The only background she cares about is that the dog came from the rescue community.

And we have to agree. Rescue dogs are definitely the best kind, no matter what breed.

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  • lisa34534

    That dress is the worst and I heard Carrie did not feed her dog and he tried to eat ants he was so hungry :(

    • Bob Hooka

      you’re a fucking retard.

  • Guest

    Well first off I think her dress is pretty is it the prettiest dress she’s worn? No but its pretty. I heard her dog ate ants to but I didn’t look because im at school in Springfield Missouri so it blocks me you cant get in websites like that and I think its really dumb I guess if you try to buy something online it will come to the school. I will look when I get home if I don’t forget. You never know Mike could of been gone and Carrie since they are so busy and her dog is soooo cute so it really isn’t her fault. I gotta say im a HUGE fan of hers and I SOOOO wish I was at her concert in Kansas City, Missouri at the Sprint Center. I lover her WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTERRRRR than Taylor Swift Taylor is NASTYYY her singing is bad however she is pretty and I like only Love Story and Our Song. I love you Carrie:))))))))))