Brigitte Bardot asks UK superstore Fortnum & Mason to stop selling foie gras
by Allyson Koerner
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Avid animal activist  Brigitte Bardot is once again taking a stand against the mistreatment of animals. This time around, she is seeking the end of foie gras sales.

Alongside her Brigitte Bardot Foundation, the Society for the Protection of Animals and many other animal rights groups, the former French model and actress has joined PETA’s fight against UK superstore Fortnum & Mason.

The groups sent a letter to Ewan Venters, the store’s managing director, to stop its sale of foie gras. Part of the letter reads, “Thousands of people in France are working towards an end to the shameful practice of force feeding birds and we respectfully urge you not to help keep this inhumane and shrinking industry alive.”

Foie gras is created by force-feeding ducks and geese large amounts of grain, which is pumped into their stomachs with metal pipes that are shoved down their throats – sometimes several times a day.

This process is banned in the UK, but allowed in five European countries including France. Fortnum & Mason reportedly pays French farmers to force-feed birds on its behalf to get “high welfare” foie gras.

Bardot also made her own statement, “Mr Venters seems to be one of those imbeciles who, just for a fleeting moment of flavour, is willing to ignore the overwhelming scientific evidence that force-feeding ducks and geese to produce grotesquely enlarged livers for foie gras is horrifically cruel. I hope France will end this shameful abuse of birds, which is quite rightly banned in Venters’ own country. But until then, Mr Venters should keep his hands off our geese!”

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  • John Hartil

    Good on her. It is time this vile practice was stopped!

  • DT

    So let me get this straight. She hopes all muslims be deported from France, but fights for the rights of ducks. Typical animal rights extremist. This is a stupid issue. The ducks don’t even care how they’re fed.