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Today marks an exciting new chapter in the life of

Co-founder Rebecca Carter and I are excited to announce that the site has been acquired by a private individual. Starting today, we’re handing over the well-worn keys to someone just as passionate about the environment, healthy living, animal rights, and philanthropy as we are. Starting today, we’re saying goodbye.

Well, not completely. We’re happy to report that our new owner is keeping on the core team of managing editors (myself and Senior Editor, Ali Berman included), as well as the wonderful writers who have stuck with us over the last half-year during this transition. But there will be changes – some big, some small – that will happen eventually.

So while we still have the floor as owners, we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. Actually, those two words really don’t even cut it. The amount of people who have contributed their time and passion to making this site the brand it is today are numerous – from writers to field reporters to camera people to web developers to small, but far-reaching acts of kindness and generosity – we owe so many for taking a seed of an idea and helping us turn it into the beautiful living thing it is today.

To our readers, we hope you’ve enjoyed the last six and a half years. You’ve been an amazing group of people to write for. We’re tremendously excited to start this next chapter where Ecorazzi will continue to grow and spread the latest in “good gossip.”

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  • Crystal Wiltshire

    Very glad to hear that much of the team is staying on board! I’m very excited to see the changes and growth that are in store!

  • Alison Foxall

    I hope we can continue servering you! The Gobble Logic team is glad to hear that Ecorazzi is in good hands. Congratulations!

  • greenergirl

    Loved being a part of the Ecorazzi team and excited for you! Look at what you’ve achieved over the past several years. Still and always a great source of content and a great team.