Indian villagers used rope to rescue a baby elephant that had gotten stuck in a ditch.
by China DeSpain
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Photo: Shutterstock

A baby elephant in India is resting comfortably after surviving a harrowing ordeal.

The female calf was traveling with her herd — but lagging in the back — when she became trapped in a muddy ditch. As you can see in the video below, her mother heard the baby’s frantic cries and attempted to rescue the calf, but was unsuccessful.

That’s when humans stepped in.

Alerted by the noise, nearby villagers came to the rescue and used rope to pull the trapped calf out of the mud. The baby was then transported to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation at the Kaziranga National Park, where she was treated with food and fluids.

No word yet on whether she’s been rejoined with her herd.

Check out the heartwarming action below.

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