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WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Slams Abercrombie's Beauty BeliefsWATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Slams Abercrombie's Beauty Beliefs

WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Slams Abercrombie's Beauty Beliefs

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Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres is saying “Fitch, please,” when it comes to Abercrombie & Fitch’s beauty beliefs and sizing polices.

On her show recently, Ellen made a point to address a statement released by Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO, Mike Jeffries. For those who don’t know, the clothing store has rules stating it will not sell clothing for women larger than a size 10.

Here’s what Jeffries said in a 2006 interview, “In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids. Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely. Those companies that are in trouble are trying to target everybody: young, old, fat, skinny. But then you become totally vanilla. You don’t alienate anybody, but you don’t excite anybody, either.”

Well, Ellen strongly disagrees, and told her audience and viewers, “I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I mean, first of all, since when is something over the size 10 a plus size? And, second of all, I’m not sure I trust their sizing,” DeGeneres said.

She then went on to show the store’s largest top, which looks like a small. She also pulled out a top the size of fist joking that it’s the stores smallest article of clothing. Ellen says it’s not just Abercrombie & Fitch that’s getting out of hand with its sizing, but it’s all stores. She is dumbfounded that a size zero and double-zero even exist.

For her, beauty isn’t a number, “Beauty isn’t between a size zero and a size eight. It is not a number, at all. It is not physical.” She then continued, “What you look like on the outside is not what makes you cool, at all. I mean I had a mullet and I wore parachute pants for a long, long time, and I’m doing OK.”

Ellen wants everyone to take this to heart and remember, “What is important is that you’re healthy. That is the most important thing. As long as you’re healthy and you’re happy, that’s the most important thing.”

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