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Animal activist and living legend Bob Barker has recorded a new video urging the Pennsylvania legislature to pass a bill ending live pigeon shoots.

The 89-year-old passionately argues against the “barbaric act” of shooting pigeons, describing in detail over graphic video how the birds are launched into the air and participants gun them down for sport.

“Live pigeon shoots held in Pennsylvania are horrific, brutal acts of animal cruelty,” he says. “Every year, tens of thousands of birds are actually used as living targets and shot.”

Barker has joined forces with SHowing Animals Respect And Kindness (SHARK) on the issue – an organization he personally donated $1M to back in 2010.

“When he was a host on ‘The Price Is Right,’ long before it was fashionable to care about animals, Bob Barker was saying at the end of his shows: ‘Please remember to spay and neuter your pets,'” Steve Hindi, President of SHARK, said. “He’s a trailblazer. He’s always stood for the things he believes in.”

Senate Bill 510, authored by Senator Patrick Browne, would ban live pigeon shoots in the state – something SHARK hopes to gain public support for with a series of tours throughout PA showcasing the Barker video and drawing awareness to the sport’s cruelty.

To find out what you can do to help, visit the site to contact state legislators and let them know you support SB 510.

“All of this suffering, all of this pain and torture, happens because a few people take pleasure in such blood sport,” the site says. “If we are to call ourselves a civilized society, then we must forever ban live pigeon shoots.”

Check out Barker’s video below.

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  • Gustavo Aguiar

    King Lear asked Gloucester: ‘How do you see the world?’ And Gloucester, who is blind, answered: ‘I see it feelingly.” And shouldt we all! This atrocity has to stop now!