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Sea Shepherd announce Operation Relentless LogoSea Shepherd announce Operation Relentless Logo

Sea Shepherd Announce 'Operation Relentless', Release Dramatic Video

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I’m extremely late to the game on this one, but for anyone else that missed it, Sea Shepherd has announced the name of its 10th Antarctic campaign: Operation Relentless.

The reveal comes hot on the heels of one of the conservation group’s most successful campaigns yet – saving some 932 whales from the Japanese whaling fleet; a feat that the whalers later confirmed was due to ‘relentless interference’ by Sea Shepherd.

“Sea Shepherd likes that kind of relentless accusation, we like being relentless in the pursuit of finally bring peace to the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Sea Shepherd knows that this is a David and Goliath struggle. Our past victories show we have one thing that the whalers do not, and that’s the passion and courage of our crew. No matter what the odds, no matter what the risks, no matter how well equipped, funded and Government backed your opponents are, you must never give in, must never surrender.  You must fight for what is right, because the one thing that is worth fighting for on our beautiful planet is life,” said Jeff Hansen, Sea Shepherd Australian Director.

In a slickly produced promo for Operation Relentless (remember, the Sea Shepherd are filming their own campaigns now) we’re shown some clips of the drama that went down earlier this year – a nice preview of sorts for “Whale Wars” season six.

Check it out below – and as always, don’t forget to donate!

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  • AnimuX

    Outstanding effort by Sea Shepherd Australia this season holding back the whale poachers to a catch of only 103! That’s the lowest catch since the bogus ‘research whaling’ started in the 1980s!

    Hopefully, the International Court of Justice will hear arguments from Australia and Japan this summer and finally make a definitive ruling that Japan is in breach of its obligations under the 1946 International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. The court can help to finally bring Japan into compliance with the 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling established by the International Whaling Commission.

    Otherwise, with popular support, Sea Shepherd Australia will be ready to thwart Japan’s whale poachers by interfering directly with the poaching.

    • Colette Taeme

      So basically you are saying that if Japan wins in court, the SSCS will
      keep on breaking the law as they usually do. I guess that’s why the SSCS
      leader is currently a fugitive in hiding from the law and why the SSCS
      has been declared to be pirates by a U.S. court. I have a feeling that all the SSCS pirates, along with their financial enablers, will soon be in jail where they belong.

      • AnimuX

        The World Court should recognize Japan’s long history of regulatory violations that go back long before there was a moratorium on commercial whaling. However, if the ICJ permits Japan to continue abusing Article VIII of the ICRW it does not change the existing International Whaling Commission established moratorium on commercial whaling — does not repeal the IWC established Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary — does not dissolve the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea’s Article 65 which declares states shall cooperate for the conservation of marine mammals — does not invalidate the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species which prohibits the trade of whale meat.

        It does not change the situation and Japan will continue to pretend it is killing whales for ‘research’ in order to side-step existing regulations and continue poaching whales.

        Furthermore, the 9th Circuit decision against Sea Shepherd US does not apply to the legally separate and foreign organization, Sea Shepherd Australia, thanks to Constitutional limitations on the power of US courts. In fact, ITLoS judges have stated that international anti-piracy laws do not apply to environmental or political protest organizations. At any rate, the 9th Circuit’s poor venture from the judicial into the executive — considering the US government has officially opposed Japan’s whaling for decades and in 1988 even enacted economic sanctions against Japan over the very same whale poaching — is irrelevant in the long run.

        • Ernesto Partita

          So, basically what Colette said eh chico!

          Man this some loco sh*t here.

          Ain’t no law enforcement looking for no whalers esse! They just looking for those Sea Shepherd home boys. Live the life of crime hommes, going to be doing some time.

          Meanwhile Ernesto just wants to load up his taco with some minced minke! A little guacamole and some chilli sauce!

          • PokerRay

            Excellent! Now we have some kid pretending to be barrio in here. As a champion of diversity, I applaude seeing the pathetic in different guises.
            Same old song and dance. SSCS is going to get people killed (hasn’t happened), SSCS is going to get themselves killed (hasn’t happened), SSCS is going to wind up in jail (hasn’t happened), SSCS isn’t going to save any whales (HAS happened).
            Keep whining like a little girl while pretending to be tough. I’m working long hours and I need the laugh when I get home.

      • Winston Kirk

        You are Japanese too hiding behind the Engish name Colette Taeme Regards Winston

      • Kyle Wilson

        Hey Colette, your statement that the sea shepards should be jailed is blasphemous and bullshit. The US court that made the decision was just 3 old fatasses that don’t give a shit about anything other than their own paychecks. So in conclusion you too are an ass so go fuck yourself. LONG LIVE SEA SHEPHERD!!!!

  • Ernesto Partita

    Hey homies, does anyone know where the big fat gringo from Sea Shepherd is hiding? Peter Watson is his name I think. That guy is wanted under international arrest warrants hommes! That’s loco this guy is running around when he should be arrrested! Anyone who knows where this big porker is hiding, please let Interpol know so those guys can lock him up and put him on a diet. Thanks esse!

    • Kyle Russell

      1 his name is not Peter Watson. 2 there are no international arrest warrants he is on the Interpol red list there is a big difference I suggest you go and you Google and find out some facts

      • Ernesto Partita

        Ok chico! But somebody should have told those German homies that they weren’t arrest warrants cas they locked up his big fat a$$! But they were stupid and trusted his lying a$$ to give him bail and he bounced right on outta there. Ain’t that some loco sh*t!! I’m sure the homies in Costa Rica jail were looking forward to sharing him round and making him feel real welcome too.

        • Winston Kirk

          Good morning Ernesto Partita you are a Japanese man hiding behind that name of yours. Your comments mean nothing Regards Winston.

          • Guest

            You got it hommes! But you a Japanese man hiding behind that name of yours too! Everybody here is Japanese esse! I’m putting some wasabi sauce on my tacos!

        • Sam phillpot

          Ernesto partite you are what’s wrong with this world you make me sick

  • HereHere

    A Japanese company was selling whale meat as expensive dog treats this year. I don’t recall if it was from an endangered species or not, but I understand the Japanese have never published peer-reviewed research on the whales they killed, or justified the killing of whales for their research. I know in the Americas, we study the whales in the ecosystem or from washed up corpses. It seems we can find the information we need this way, and not by killing hundreds or thousands per year. Same thing with the Japanese and their dolphin slaughter. I wonder is Sea Shephard is producing material in Japanese, so that the Japanese people may learn about these disgusting, outdated whaling practices subsidized by their government and international tsunami donors.

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