An Italian toddler explains to his mom that he doesn't like eating animals because they have to die.
by China DeSpain
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It’s Friday, and we invite you to kick off the weekend with this amazingly adorable video of Luiz Antonio, a pretty well-spoken toddler who doesn’t believe in eating animals.

In the video, Luiz’s mom serves him octopus with gnocchi and rice. Concerned about the presence of animals on his plate, Luiz begins grilling his mom about the octopus.

“This octopus isn’t real, right?” he asks. When his mom confirms that it is, he asks where its head is. She explains that it’s at the fish market, and that’s all it takes for Luiz to get going. He immediately starts listing animals, explaining that they die when we eat them and that he likes them better when they “stay standing up.”

As he questions his mom about why they eat meat, her answers get increasingly less emphatic. By the touching end, she sees his point (“These animals…you gotta take care of them and not eat them!”), and it’s a beautiful moment. Check it out.

Quick note: Some of the commenters on youtube are questioning the translation. We don’t speak Portuguese, but hope that all is correct. If you do speak Portuguese, let us know!

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  • alliegraywords

    I speak Italian, but they definitely don’t :) I think it’s Portuguese :)

    • Roberta Brondani Minussi

      Yeah, that happened in Brazil!

      • Pat Rose

        Re Billy Hill’s comment, apparently plants DO feel. They may not be sentient, but they feel pain. Cleve Backster pretty much proved back in the 60s that plants feel pain when their leaves are clipped. He used a lie detector in his experiments. Also Semyon Kirlian did a similar experiment using, if I remember correctly, infra-red photography. See “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain” by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. I think I’m correct about the source, but it may have been “The Morning of the Magicians” by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier. If my memory is totally off track, forgive me–it’s been a long time since I read either of these books.
        I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan either, by the way, but I found the video most appealing–I loved the way the little boy digested (this is probably a poor choice of words) the information his mother gave him. Whether it was staged or not, he was too young to have been coached, and the expression on his face was priceless. I liked the way his mother was honest with her answers. Some would have said: “Oh, shut up and eat your meal, don’t worry about where it came from!”
        Great video, and great comments.

  • Roberta Brondani Minussi

    I am Brazilian and I think the translation is quite good :)

  • Sonia Mores Podcameni

    I am Brazilian and agree with Roberta, the translation is good ! :)

  • George Guimaraes

    I am an animal rights activists and vegan dietitian practicing in Brazil and have offered the mother nutritional advice so the boy may be an even greater example as he progresses in his choice. The translation is very good and the boy lives in Brazil.