Mally, the monkey Justin Bieber abandoned in Germany, has a new home at a wildlife park.
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In the ongoing saga of Justin Bieber‘s capuchin monkey Mally, we’re happy to report that the primate seems to have settled in to life at a German wildlife park.

For those of you who haven’t been following the story, it goes a little something like this: Serial pet adopter Bieber went on his European tour with a baby monkey in tow. When he couldn’t provide appropriate documentation and vaccination for the animal to German officials, they confiscated and quarantined Mally. Bieber was given a deadline to provide the paperwork, but instead continued on his tour. German wildlife officials eventually took custody of the primate and moved it to a wildlife park.

When Mally was first confiscated, he was kept in a shelter with only a teddy bear for company. That was bad news for Mally, because capuchins are social creatures. Not only that, but many wildlife experts say that baby monkeys should stay with their mothers until they are a year old — and Mally was only 14 weeks when Bieber brought him on tour.

Happily, the Daily Mail is reporting that Mally has been moved and is adjusting well to life at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, where he will soon be able to join others of his species. According to the Daily Mail, the park is home to Germany’s only white-headed capuchin family.

“The great thing is his personality…[he is] 23 weeks old and is a very, very brave little monkey. He is very curious, which has helped him integrate here at the Serengeti Park. Many animals normally remain in the transport box for three days, first of all. He came out straight away and jumped onto the carer’s head and was immediately curious about everything,” says Dr. Fabrizio Sepe, Managing Director of the park.

Mally’s destination was initially kept secret, presumably to ward off hoards of Beliebers who would want to visit the monkey, but now that he is settling in, the park welcomes visitors, who will be able to see the monkey soon. Sepe says that Mally will be transferred to his enclosure in a few weeks. “He will go into our capuchin monkey enclosure which has lots of trees so it will be a bit of a game [for the fans] to try and recognize him.”

Sepe also reported that Bieber has not contacted him regarding Mally, but that the park would be happy to provide the singer with details about the monkey should he be interested.

Compared to the fate of some of Bieber’s other pets, Mally got off easy. Here’s hoping the little monkey has a long and happy life in Germany.

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