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by Ali Berman
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Think of the coolest, nicest, most talented, handsome and famous guy around. Are you picturing Johnny Depp? Me too. That’s why we hope this news is true.

A source is saying that Depp has eliminated meat and dairy from his diet (as well as booze) for his new girlfriend Amber Heard.

The annonymous source said, “He’s also taken up a vegan diet and Pilates after she told him about the benefits and now he’s raving about losing his paunch.”

Weight loss after going vegan? Sounds about right. Plenty of cool celebs have gone vegan making the diet and lifestyle a part of the mainstream. But Depp is one of the coolest. Having him on team vegan would surely inspire a great many people to give it a go.

The actor isn’t the most vocal about his private life, but hopefully we’ll hear more on this story to be able to report. Just imagine if Depp sat next to you at your favorite vegan restaurant. Could you finish your seitan piccata?

Via Vegetarian Star

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  • Yvonne Bishop-Weston

    Great news – Pirates of the Carob Bean Triumph!

  • Ra_ke

    So glad for him..I love Johnny and I love animals too..great news!!! I’m sooooooooooooooooo happy!!

    • Max Bin

      I love animals and love to eat certain kinds too :)

  • Marie Roxanne

    You should be doing a lifestyle change for yourself, he’s doing it “for his girlfriend”
    I find that many who do a lifestyle change “for” another person, doesn’t do it for the long term.

    • Lea

      I think “for his girlfriend” was just unfortunate wording by the writer of the article- it’s not a direct quote, and it isn’t what the source is quoted as saying. His girlfriend told him of the benefits and he decided to give it a go. He has already seen positive results of the change in mind and body, which are ultimately for him and nobody else (except the animals and planet!). He has also been quoted speaking out about violence toward animals. Sounds like he’s on the right track.

  • TheVegan

    That would be great if he actually has become vegan. I am guessing he
    may have adopted a vegan diet which of course is not the same as being
    vegan. But that would be very cool if he actually has become a vegan and
    speaks out about it even if it’s just occasionally. I do think
    celebrities being vegan get people to think twice about it when
    otherwise they never would. For example I can’t imagine how many people
    Alicia Silverstone has turned vegan. :-)

    • Max Bin

      or not

  • Vicci Leomant

    welcome to the wild side Johnny!

  • Jacob Noah

    I like meat and dairy products why to copy someone whom you don’t even know and destroy your lifestyle. As the last paragraph says that ”Just imagine if Depp sat next to you at your favorite vegan restaurant. Could you finish your seitan piccata?”. Yes i would.

  • claud1a

    I’m getting very tired of high and mighty vegans defining a difference between adopting a vegan diet and being “a vegan”. Get off your high horses. It’s counter-productive to have such an exclusive, elitist opinion. People should be applauded for the steps they are taking not made to feel what they are doing is not good enough because they aren’t a vegan “purist”. I’ve been “a vegan” for 17 years and I have had to learn to respect the fact people tread different paths and walk at different speeds. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

    • Lea

      I agree, I think it’s good to try to raise the bar, but everyone does this at their own pace and for their own reasons. Where one person draws the line is not where someone else might, and that’s okay. All we can do is share knowledge and keep learning.

  • Pam Neufeld

    I have gone raw food, fruits and veggies. But not for Peta type reasons.

  • Changzhou

    Sounds great, and although he may start to eat plant based, he’s far from vegan, as he’s having too much fun out on the town with his fiancee–both of them wearing leather jackets–to go vegan.

  • mrs depp