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Photo: Rainbeau Mars on Facebook

Dear Internet: Chill the @#*! out.

Yoga and health guru Rainbeau Mars, who has sold over 1 million yoga DVDs and worked with a long list of celebs, is being labeled a bridezilla after asking guests to her upcoming nuptials to participate in a three-week vegan cleanse prior to the ceremony.

“In celebration of Rainbeau and Michael’s upcoming Hawaiian wedding, join our global community to become the most beautiful, healthy and fit versions of ourselves!” the invite offers.

The “Three Week Superstar Glow Cleanse” Rainbeau offers on her website is a “zero calorie restriction, plant-based food revitalization program” that claims to claims to strengthen the immune system, prevent disease, and release stress.

Sadly, people misconstrued Rainbeau’s request and began labeling it as an unfair “demand” on her guests; as if the health instructor was going to personally make sure everyone went vegan for three weeks. No seriously – people believed this.

Writing on HuffPo, Rainbeau said:

“I invited the people who are attending our ceremony to join us as we also prepare for our sacred vows. This wedding is about all of us with intentions to purify in the garden. The invitation was not a demand or a requirement and I am sorry if any of you were offended because of this thought. However… your giving me a great idea… what if I really had made it a requirement…that will have to be the next one. JOKING! :) Hope you’ll all give our fall cleanse a try. I think we could all use a little more love and support around here. From my heart in gratitude. Rainbeau Harmony Mars and yes thats my real name.”

Oh by the way – have you heard where the wedding is located? Three days on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Guests will enjoy unique activities from breath work classes to yoga to horseback riding. Who wouldn’t try a plant-based cleanse to enjoy something like that?!

Check out Rainbeau’s 3 Week Pre-Wedding Cleanse invite video below.

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