Four former Miss USA winners have joined PETA's "Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.
by China DeSpain
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Photo: PETA

What do you get when you combine pageant winners with animal-rights activists? Well, in this case, four beautiful women willing to take it off in the name of going fur-free.

Former Miss USA winners Susie Castillo, Shandi Finnessey, Shanna Moakler, and Alyssa Campanella are the latest celebs to strip down for PETA’s “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. Not only are all four women animal lovers, but they’re trying to send a message to the pageant industry: Fur is not beautiful.

Castillo got the ball rolling by recruiting the others to the cause. “The reason I wanted to get involved with PETA is because I’ve been an animal lover all my life and the more I learned of the torture that animals go through in the name of fashion — I thinks it’s just so unnecessary. It’s unbelievable to me, actually. So I thought, if there’s something I could do to get my fellow pageant sisters together and for us to take a stand, united and to tell the pageant industry not to support the fur industry. I feel so blessed that they all agreed.”

Four former Miss USA winners have joined PETA's "Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.

In the video below, they all tell stories about being awarded fur as prizes. In fact, as part of her reign, Finnessey was asked to wear a fur coat and sign autographs for the Trappers Association, where members brought in photo albums of trapped animals.

“I’m looking at these pictures where animals are gnawing through their own paws in order to free themselves from traps and they’re trying these desperate measures just to fight for their lives. I was so disgusted that I would wear the skin of this living being on my body and consider myself beautiful. What would happen if that happened to a human being? We would be outraged. So what’s the difference?” she says.

According to PETA, millions of animals die each year for their fur. The organization says that foxes, minks, raccoons, rabbits, chinchillas, cats and dogs are all electrocuted, beaten, drowned, strangled, and skinned alive for the sake of making fashionable clothes and other fur items.

This is a fact that does not sit well with the women. Campanella says that during her reign she was offered many fur items, including coats and shoes. She understood that sponsors wanted her to wear their products, but she put her foot down when it came to fur. “It’s just so cruel, and I don’t want to be a supporter of that. I don’t want to show anyone that I support what they do to animals for the benefit of fashion. It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

To see the ladies in action, check out the video below. But be warned — there’s some slightly NSFW content (it is a nude photo shoot, after all), and there are graphic images of animals being caged, prodded and skinned.

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  • Flora Fauna

    Sadly, PETA is just as bad as those they condemn. Instead of allowing animals to live in crates, they just slaughter them. Yes, they do plenty of good deeds, but they’re hypocrites.

    • qxe

      Flora, it’s not just a choice between “living in a crate” and killing them. The living-in-the-crate portion of their existence is just one segment of these animal’s lives before they go on to their human-intended purpose: being skinned alive, used for cosmetic testing, etc. If there is no funds to care for them, perhaps the most humane choice is to euthanize.

      It seems to me PETA’s main objective is to raise awareness of needless animal cruelty to reduce/eliminate the market for it and to try to publicly shame the perpetrators into ceasing their cruelty, but by trying to shift focus onto any “hypocritical” behavior by PETA, you’re helping take the focus off the real problem, which is torturous animal cruelty.

      If you’re not being paid by one of these shameless animal abusers, why are you shilling for them? Or are you being compensated?

      • Turbulentbeauty

        PETA is known to slaughter countless animals at their “shelters” without making any efforts to get them adopted. Their hypocrisy is extremely important as it shows they are a MONEY MAKING organization. Just research their actions with regards to animals they claim to rescue.

        Also if animals are so important to them, why are they so happy to treat women as sex objects?

      • Jennifer Redwine

        yes! Also if animals are so important to them, why are they so happy to treat women as sex objects?

      • AnimalRescuer2013

        Those skinned alive videos that PeTA so loves to trot out were bought and paid for by PeTA. The Chinese fur farm employees thought what PeTA was asking for was bizarre, but PeTA paid cash… lots of it to get the disturbing footage they were looking for to wring money out of the gullible.

        As others have stated, PeTA kills 95% percent of all the companion animals they tell people they will find homes for. They lie to get more animals to kill. PeTA employees lied to shelter workers, rescue volunteers and vets, all of whom testified at the trial. After killing these easily placeable animals, PeTA employees thew them away like garbage in dumpsters behind grocery stores. Google Adria Hinkle and Andy Cook, two PeTA employees that were sent out from the hive to obtain and kill healthy, friendly, adoptable animals.

        Documents provided to the State of Virginia by PeTA shows that they kill nearly every animal they get their hands on. They have an enormous freezer to store the bodies and send tons of animals to be disposed of yearly. PeTA will tell you this is because they are brought in to euthanize sick and injured animals. What a crock. I’ve gotten those requests for money from PeTA and most of the animals they gave “the gift of death” were treatable. I know because I’ve seen the same conditions treated by rescuers that I’ve worked with. Dead animals are merely props for PeTA to use to raise money.

        I’m guessing that “qxe” works for PeTA because he/she engages in the typical – if you’re against PeTA’s abuses you must side with animal abusers. There is zero logic to the comparison and it’s the typical brainless PeTA response to any criticism. I’m not paid by anyone to type this. I run a large dog rescue where no PeTA employee or supporter is allowed to set foot on the property. We prefer our animals alive and adopted out to good homes, not dead and in dumpsters to serve as fundraising fodder.

        You know what “qxe”? PeTA supporters by default support the killing of healthy, adoptable animals. The information is easy to find. If you support PeTA, like the brainless spokesmodels in this ad, you support killing. Now tell me who’s shilling for animal abusers and killers? Check a mirror.

  • Beth

    Silly girls promoting an organisation that destroys what they claim to protect, they are an irresponsible organisation that kill animals rather than rescue and rehome, just the same as the RSPCA in the UK ! they take your money under false pretences.

  • Lloyd Miller

    Disgusting that these celebrities would support the EVIL PETA!

    • peta still sucks

      People Eating Tasty Animals: The evil empire of animal rights since 1980

  • The Deuce

    I always get a kick out of this kind of stupidity.

    Congratulations, ladies, your sterling chick-logic has persuaded me that fur, and clothing in general, is bad bad bad, for hot women who I’d rather see naked.