Ethan Hawke secretly dreams of becoming an eco-terrorist.
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In his new film, “The Purge,” Ethan Hawke plays a father struggling to protect his family in a society where murder is sometimes legal.

While promoting the movie, Hawke spoke to Grantland about the crimes he might delve into if there were no consequences, and his answer was decidedly environmental.

It turns out Hawke secretly dreams of being an eco-terrorist.

“If I was in a situation where I could get away with anything terrible that I wanted to get away with? Well, I have a secret fantasy of being an environmental terrorist — like when I see these oil spills and all these dead fish and the chopping down of forests,” he says. “I’d love to slip just a little dynamite in somewhere. That would be where my inner demon lurks.”

It’s not that big a surprise. Hawke is an active environmentalist who’s fought fracking and supported the opening of New York’s High Line Park. He also dabbles in vegetarianism, though he hasn’t quite made the leap. But it may just be a matter of time — his mother is a vocal vegetarian and animal activist who has been pushing the lifestyle on her son for years.

Back in 2007, Hawke admitted, “She has a joke that she always says at dinner conversations, which is, ‘Are you vegetarian yet?’ because she believes that by the time my children are grown up, basically everybody will be one.” And although he hasn’t fully made the switch, he has at least made an effort.

Despite his secret fantasies of committing eco-crimes, don’t expect Hawke to blow up any polluters just yet. When Grantland suggested that the actor’s next interview would be called, “Ethan Hawke, Eco-Terrorist,” the actor shot the idea down.

“OK, good. Yeah, ‘Ethan Hawke Wages War on Oil.’ Next thing you know, I’ll mysteriously die in a car accident,” he says.

It’s probably for the best that Hawke isn’t heading out on a crime spree, but our fingers are crossed that he continues to fight for the environment — legally.

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