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by Ali Berman
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Photo: Joe Scarnici / For the HSUS

The Humane Society of the United States sure knows how to throw a party. Take Tal Ronnen’s cooking and other fabulous vegan foods, add in some passionate celebrities, and dig into scrumptious cruelty-free eats with a bunch of farm animal lovers out in California.

Ken Spector was there on behalf of Ecorazzi and HappyCow to give us the inside scoop on the event, and to interview one of our favorite vegans, Emily Deschanel. As for the purpose of the event, the “Bones” star said, “We are celebrating vegan food and encouraging people to take those steps and kind of showcasing how incredibly delicious vegan food can be. And the money goes to support farm animals through the humane society so it’s a win/win/win. You get to eat great food and the money goes to a wonderful cause and you’re helping animals.” Noting all those great reasons to attend such a fabulous event, Deschanel joked, “Why isn’t everyone in the world here?” Sounds like a perfect Father’s Day to us. And as you can see in the photo above, the star spent her day with her dad fighting for animals.

What did the actress and her fellow attendees nibble on? Tal Ronnen made kale spanakopita, summer fruit galettes, harissa fondue, and watermelon gazpacho. The famous vegan chef wasn’t the only one bringing his delicious foods to the masses. Guests also enjoyed Andrei’s vegan sliders, dark chocolate mousse, beet salad, Treeline cheeses, Field Roast sausages, Cavi-Art with veganaise on pastry shells and spring rolls from Beyond Meat. Yes, we are now very hungry.

In addition to talking up the HSUS, Deschanel also took on the myth that veganism isn’t healthy and shared how well her vegan baby is doing and how great it was to be vegan during her pregnancy. One of the perks of raising a vegan child? Deschanel’s son absolutely loves his vegetables. As she says to Ken Spector, “I don’t know a lot of kids we can say that about.”

Check out the interview below and learn more about all that the HSUS does for farm animals on their website. It goes way beyond promoting a cruelty-free diet. The organization fights on the front lines every day on behalf of the nearly 10 billion farm animals raised for food in the USA.

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