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by Ali Berman
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One of our all-time favorite Colbert bits was when he took on Rep. Steve King on dogfighting. So, when we woke up this morning and saw that the host had decided target King again, we were thrilled. And thankfully, Colbert did not disappoint. This one might even be better.

King, one of the worst politicians for animals, is railing against requiring more room for egg laying hens. (The standard size was less than one sheet of paper for each bird.) He also added that it would be wrong to require the rest of the country to provide these birds with larger cages.

Colbert hilariously shot back, “This is just another case of the left wing loons in California imposing their deviant values on the heartland. I bet those California chickens don’t even have to be married before they have an egg.”

Colbert then talks specifically about the size requirements for the “palatial” new cages and then whips one out. Yes. You guessed it. It’s still tiny. But apparently still bigger than the cages he keeps his interns in… That’s when this clip gets really funny. But I won’t give any more spoilers. It’s a must see.

Watch the full clip below for a piece that is sure to get “The Colbert Report” nominated for another Genesis Award.

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