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It’s summertime for those of us in the United States, and in many areas of the country, temperatures are soaring. Most of us dread getting into our hot cars, and we know that it takes awhile for our cars to cool down, even with AC blasting. Imagine how it must feel for our furrier friends, especially if they are sitting in a parked car, with no AC, just cracked windows. This is a dangerous situation for dogs to be in, and one veterinarian put himself in those conditions to prove a very important point.

Dr. Ernie Ward sat in his parked car, with only windows cracked, for 30 minutes. He only brought with him his video camera, a timer, and a thermometer. Within minutes, Ward is visibly drenched in sweat and very uncomfortable. Although outside the car is 95F degrees, the temperature climbs higher and higher inside the car, all the way to 117F by the 30 minute mark. Ward reminds us that humans sweat as a way to cool down, something dogs cannot do. Ward also comments on the mental anguish this causes dogs, who are not in control of the situation and have no idea when their human companions will be returning.

This video is an eye-opening, must watch. Please share it with your friends and family and remind all of your dog loving friends to never, EVER leave their dogs in the car during warm weather, not even “for a minute.”

If you find a dog in this situation, PETA gives the following advice:

“If you see a dog left alone in a hot car, take down the car’s color, model, make, and license plate number. Have the owner paged in the nearest buildings, or call local humane authorities or police. Have someone keep an eye on the dog. Don’t leave the scene until the situation has been resolved.”

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  • imbootoo

    Excellent video, thank you for your courage for doing this exercise to understand just how it feels to be trapped in a parked car in the heat.
    I hope others take heed…