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Bryan Cranston, known to some as the dad on the series “Malcolm in the Middle” and to millions more as Walter White on AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” is incredibly proud of his family’s new LEED Plantium beach house in LA.

“We have a social responsibility to live this way,” Cranston told attendees at the Dwell on Design Conference on June 23rd. “Yes, it might take a little more time or effort, but we are not asking people to sacrifice or suffer. We are asking people to live in harmony with these concepts.”

Cranston and his wife actress Robin Dearden recently completed their green dream home – a modest 2,450 square foot, 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath house located on a 40×45 foot coastline property in an LA beach community. In addition to radiant heating, solar panels solar hot water, and sustainable, reusable materials, the Cranston’s also made sure everything not used during construction was either given away to charity or repurposed elsewhere.


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One neat feature I’ve not seen in green homes before was also the installation of a automated car lift that allows two vehicles to park in a traditional one space garage – a savings of 200 sq ft.

“I’m really proud of what we were able to accomplish,” says Cranston. “Despite its contemporary design the house is very warm and inviting. You want to kick your shoes off, you want to put your feet up, you want to go for a walk, you want to eat a piece of fruit.”

Cranston’s “3 Palms” project, named after three mature Mexican Fan Palms that once stood on the property, can be viewed online. It features in-depth drawings, details, and even video with the actor showing off his new digs. (Dwell Magazine also has a great feature on the home here.)

Check out video below of Cranston and his sustainable design team chatting about his green home during the 2012 Dwell on Design conference.

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  • mcutlerwelsh

    Great to have famous people raising the awareness and saying things like “We have a social responsibility to live this way,”