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Hugh Jackman Considers Veganism to 'Give Back to Animals'

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Hugh Jackman has not only been portraying Wolverine, but he’s been eating like Wolverine, too. Now he wants to make a big change… and an apology.

Jackman will be gracing the cover of Men’s Health Magazine for their August 2013 issue. In his featured interview, he discusses his work-out routine and diet to get into Wolverine shape. He sounds thankful that it’s ending.

“I eat one steak a day, minimum,” Jackman tells Men’s Health. “Now I don’t know any doctors recommending a 12oz steak every day. I’m pretty sure that’s not good. And my carbon footprint is disgusting.” 

All that steak put him over the edge and now he’s ready for a break, confessing, “…I think after this film I need to be vegan for a while, just as my way of giving back to the animals.”

Maybe when the film wraps up, Jackman can kick back and watch the inspiring documentary Forks Over Knives, read Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness (written by vegan bodybuilder, Robert Cheeke), flip through the latest issue of Vegan Health and Fitness magazine, and check out some amazing videos of the vegan bodybuilders of Vegan Calisthen-X. Because clearly, animal protein is not necessary for a Wolverine-style physique.

Kudos to Jackman for honestly sharing his feelings and being in tune with animals and the environment and how they’re connected with what we eat. Hopefully he really will go vegan, and hopefully it will be for longer than “a while.”

Photo credit: Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com

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  • Jordana

    I think this is an absolutely incredible move for Hugh. We need more influential people spreading the voice of love and compassion in veganism, and help the world see how great this lifestyle is. Not only for the animals but the environmental, taste and health benefits too.

  • Mike

    Let’s get this right. You don’t decide to go “vegan for a while”. Vegan is more than what you eat. You either decide to go vegan – permanently – or you don’t. You may change your diet for a while to exclude meat and other animal products – that’s not bad – but vegan is for life.

  • ST

    You can’t give life back to the animals you’ve already eaten.

    • Josh Green

      We all make mistakes. We’re not gonna bash current vegans because they used to eat meat, right? No one can change the past, but we can do the right thing in the future. What you’re saying is unfortunately true, but what are we gonna do?

  • MaryFinelli

    Well now he is eating animals and gutting them on the Broadway stage:

  • MaryFinelli

    So much for that, now he is gutting and eating fish on the Broadway stage every day in his play, The River. SO disappointing.

  • Mark Caponigro

    Simply with regard to issues of health and self-image, Hugh Jackman does a great service in getting out the message that a vegan diet can be at least as healthful, and supportive of athleticism, as any non-vegan diet.

    And then, beyond mere matters of health, of course, the moral benefits of veganism are incalculable.

    On the other hand, Mr. Jackman needs badly to think out a solution to a huge anti-vegan, anti-animal predicament he is right now responsible for, viz. his participation in a Broadway play in which he guts many fish, for the sake of maintaining his character. So he is directly complicit in the unjust deaths of many sentient creatures, and he is indirectly communicating to his audience that the animal-killing lifestyle is OK.

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