Johnny Depp wants to return the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre to the Sioux.
by China DeSpain
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Johnny Depp isn’t letting a little something like poor movie sales slow him down.

Ignoring the lackluster numbers for his current flick, “The Lone Ranger,” the actor has moved on to a much more personal project. Depp has always seemed to have a deep connection with Native American people and cultures. Case in point: In addition to claiming that he “apparently” has Native American roots (a fact that remains unverified), he plays a Comanche in “The Lone Ranger.”

And now the actor is hoping to give a little something back to the Sioux nation.

KLDT News in South Dakota is reporting that Depp wants to purchase important land in the state and return it to the tribe. The land in question is the site of the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre, where approximately 300 members of the Lakota — part of the Great Sioux Nation — were killed. It’s currently for sale for $4 million.

Local tribes are interested in the land, but say they cannot afford the steep cost. Depp intends to use his own millions to make the purchase.

In an interview, the actor said that “the land is very important to the Sioux culture” and he “just wants to buy it and give it back.”

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  • Turtle Heart

    Or he could just be quiet. There is no “Native Americans”. There are nearly 500 tribes, many as different as is Germany from France. The so-called Black Hills is the territory of the Lakota band of the Sioux Nation. It would be better for everybody if Depp just went on about his business and put this bizarre film and his presumptions behind him.

  • RemyC

    Johnny better start paying closer attention to his career choices otherwise he will no longer have the necessary leverage.