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Mali the elephant has been held in captivity at the Manila Zoo for the past 36 years. Freedom has been long overdue for this poor creature, despite the efforts of PETA and many celebrities. The latest star to speak up on Mali’s behalf is Paul McCartney.

The rock legend recently penned an impassioned letter to President Benigno Aquino III of the Philippines, urging him to release Mali from the zoo and relocate her to Boon Lott’s Animal Sanctuary in Thailand. McCartney reminded the President that in May 2012 there was a direct order from his government to have Mali evaluated and considered for transfer. A year later, no progress has been made, and Mali shows signs of medical distress. As McCartney stated in his letter:

“I have heard from my friends at PETA that various government authorities are continuing to deny that Mali’s welfare should be within their jurisdiction and that the veterinarian who was brought in to perform a health assessment failed to address Mali’s debilitating foot problems and the unimaginable loneliness of a herd animal kept alone. Action for this ailing elephant must be taken, and you hold the key.”

Dr. Jane Goodall, in her own letter to the President of the Philippines, stated that “the Manila Zoo has failed Mali.”

Mali first went into captivity in 1977. While the rest of the world has changed tremendously since then, Mali’s world has remained painfully the same. Her freedom is overdue, and hopefully it comes soon.

Photo credit: Free Mali Facebook Page

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