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Toronto experienced a heatwave last week, with temperatures soaring up to 114F (46C). While most people would have chosen to keep cool in any place air conditioned, a group of activists with Toronto Pig Save took to the streets for pigs’ sake.

Activists stationed themselves on a traffic island at the busy intersection where trucks transporting pigs eventually turn to get to Quality Meat Packers’ slaughterhouse, the pigs’ final destination. The traffic lights tend to be long, so this gave activists a little bit of time to give the pigs water, melon, and some affection. The footage of their outreach is alarming and heart-wrenching. The pigs are cramped together and panting in the heat. Some of them seem almost shocked at the sight and taste of water, guzzling as much as they can before the truck pulls away. It’s an unforgettable video that you must see. You can also view moving pictures on Toronto Pig Save’s Facebook page.

Photo credit: Toronto Pig Save Facebook

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  • Stephanie Gorchynski

    Hi there — I was at this vigil, and posted a response to this video if you’d like to check it out. I also wrote and recanted several of my experiences during vigils, included photos. All links via the video… feel free to get in touch too! Thank you for featuring our hard work and Toronto Pig Save – we appreciate it tremendously!


    Open Letters, responses, etc.:

  • Laurence Burris

    This is a fucking heart breaker. So sad. It confirms my feelings that we have to change things.