Snoop Dogg and Chelsea Handler have teamed up to help shelter dogs.
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Snoop Lion needs to change his name back.

The rapper formerly known as Snoop Dogg (he changed it when he went reggae) has teamed up with comedienne Chelsea Handler to help fight dog hunger and euthanasia.

The pair is working with the founders of DOG for DOG dog food to help feed pooches in need. For every bag of food sold, the company will also donate a bag to a shelter. Last week, Snoop appeared on Handler’s talk show, “Chelsea Lately,” to promote the cause, and Handler jokingly chided him for changing his name.

“We worked hard to come up with this really great dog food called Dog for Dog, and then he changed his name to Lion and that doesn’t help (sell) the dog food,” she said.

Snoop took the ribbing in stride, and explained why he got involved with the project — and how a few bags of dog food can fight euthanasia.

“It’s a great cause,” he said. “Because what a lot of people don’t understand is a lot of these shelters execute these dogs, not because they don’t have a place or someone that wants to adopt them, it’s more that they don’t have food to feed them.”

DOG for DOG was founded by Rocky Kanaka Keever, who came up with the idea after observing adoption drives at his pet supply stores. According to the DOG for DOG website, “While [Rocky] was holding these adoptions, he noticed no matter how many dogs his team helped rescue, it didn’t seem to make a big enough impact. For every dog they rescued, many more were euthanized. He quickly realized the only way to make a real difference was to start a movement. DOG for DOG started with a mission to help as many dogs in need as possible. For every DOG for DOG item you buy, one is given to help a dog in need, giving people the opportunity to join the movement.”

To get involved, visit DOG for DOG’s partner page, or follow the hashtags on Twitter: #dogfordog and #helpdogsinneed.

As for Snoop and Handler, they also made a promotional video for the cause, which you can watch below. In typical fashion for the pair, the important message is mixed in with humor and jokes about drugs — not surprising, considering the celebs involved.  (Canadian singer Michael Bublé is also a partner, but is not featured in the current campaign.) Check it out below.

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