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Vibe Vixen recently chatted with Tia Mowry about her new vegan lifestyle. The actress and PETA supporter spoke candidly about her reasons for going vegan, her struggles, and what she likes to eat on a typical day.

Mowry says it was her vegan husband who inspired her to give veganism a try. Her physician also suggested she change her diet to help with her endometriosis. She said that once she went vegan, she was able to get pregnant! Mowry was also concerned about her family’s history of cancer and this was another reason to go plant-based. “After doing a lot of research,” she says, “it became very clear that becoming a vegan was the best choice for me.”

While she says the transition to veganism was a struggle at first, Mowry has developed newer, healthier habits in place of her old ones. (She admits that, in the several months she’s now been vegan, she has eaten some fish a few times.) She said that going out to eat was once really hard, but with the Happy Cow iPhone app, it makes dining out a breeze. Since going plant-based, she has experienced plenty of amazing benefits that make up for any difficulty. Mowry said she’s lost some weight, increased her energy, and her migraines and eczema have disappeared.

Mowry recommends adding fresh juices and salads into your diet if you’re looking to add more vegan meals into your life. When asked in the interview to suggest some simple meals, Mowry recommended oatmeal with bananas and rice milk for breakfast, a green juice sweetened with apple, miso soup with tofu and veggies, edible seaweed as a snack, and a dinner of brown rice and grains, kale, and squash. All that clean, healthy eating is paying off for Mowry in so many ways; she’s glowing!

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