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Rihanna has reportedly turned her obsession with wolves into motivation to help save the animals. According to the Daily Mirror the singer has donated a five figure sum to Wolf Haven, an organization that rescues and provides “sanctuary for displaced, captive-born wolves, offers educational programs about wolves and the value of all wildlife, promote wolf restoration in historic ranges and work to protect our remaining wild wolves and their habitat.”

A source told the Mirror, “Rihanna loves animals, and she has become particularly fascinated with wolves recently. She has earned a huge amount since she burst on to the scene in her teens. She wanted to do some good with it, and she would love to be able to save her favourite creatures from extinction.

“So she couldn’t think of anywhere better to offer a boost to than the non-profit group, Wolf Haven. She sent them a five-figure sum.”

According to Defenders of Wildlife the Mexican wolf is the most endangered kind of wolf in the world. The organization says about the population, “After being wiped out in the United States and with only a few animals remaining in Mexico, Mexican wolves were bred in captivity and reintroduced to the wild in Arizona beginning in 1998. There are only about 300 Mexican wolves in captivity. The goal of the reintroduction program was to restore at least 100 wolves to the wild by 2006; unfortunately, at the end of 2012 there were still only approximately 75 wolves.”

Hopefully Rihanna’s big bank account and love for the animals will help keep the population from becoming extinct. And, raise some awareness in the process.

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  • Tracy

    I’m confused, she is constantly wearing fur, yet somehow she “loves animals”?