Tia Mowry became vegan because she wanted to have children
by Megan Thompson
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Tia Mowry always knew that she wanted to have a family and her decision to become a vegan, in large part, was made to protect her future children. When the actress was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition that influences fertility, in her late twenties, Mowry knew that she would need to make some drastic lifestyle changes to save her dreams of the future.

When her doctor recommended two surgeries and a plant-based diet, Mowry underwent the procedures and threw herself into veganism whole-heartedly. And the results were amazing!

After only one year of a vegan diet, Mowry became pregnant with her son Cree. She said “I truly believe that along with the surgeries, changing my diet was a major factor in my ability to get pregnant. This experience ignited my passion for veganism and sparked my understanding that food can, in fact, be a form of medicine.”

As Mowry began researching the amazing effects that a vegan diet and clean lifestyle can have on illnesses, she committed to remaining vegan and spreading her story to her friends and loved ones.

At first, Mowry admits, the lifestyle change was difficult; “I had to relearn my way of eating and cooking, which took patience, time, and a lot of discipline. However after reading cook books, taking cooking lessons, and finding amazing self help tools such as Happy Cow (an app that finds vegan restaurants in your area) I found myself enjoying the journey.”

Mowry’s husband has also chosen a vegan lifestyle and the two continue to support each other in the journey of healthy living. Although her son is not yet vegan, he eats a very pure diet of fish, organic grains, vegetables and fruits.

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