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Gracing the cover of the July/August edition of Energy Times is rock legend, Alanis Morissette. In her interview with the healthy lifestyle publication, she shares her feelings and beliefs on a variety of topics, from yoga and body image to her love of cooking and her vegan-ish ways.

Morissette believes in the healing power of food, saying she lives and eats with the idea of food as medicine. Her 3 1/2-year-old son, Ever, is vegan, but she herself is “about 80% vegan,” adding, “my vegan friends hate when I say that.” What makes up that remaining 20%? Seafood. “I eat a lot of fish. I’m obsessed with oysters,” she says. “I say that with a little bit of shame because I can hear my vegan friends “tssk tssking” right now.”

Morissette was also greatly influenced by the plant-based diet research tome, “The China Study”, and books by renowned nutritarian, Joel Fuhrman, such as his well-known book, “Eat to Live”. As someone who had struggled with disordered eating in her past, Morissette likes the plant-based diet in that it focuses more on nutrients than calories. “Joel Fuhrman is really explicit on every nutrient and phytochemical found within the foods we eat, so I started viewing food as this sacred fuel that has to be delicious because sensuality is paramount to me… if the perception is that having a plant-based diet is somehow not delicious, we might benefit from throwing that on its head a little bit so we can get a little more creative in the kitchen and actually have veganism or a plant-based diet be identified more with deliciousness and sensuality.”

And creative in the kitchen she is. Morissette explains in the interview that she loves to cook, especially ethnic dishes (“My greatest culinary joy is when I turn to my family or friends and say, “What country?””) and lots and lots of soups (“I’m obsessed with soups… In soups, you can bury some [healthy ingredients] that may not be the No. 1 choice.”

To read more about Morissette’s views on nutrition, healing, attachment parenting, and her upcoming book, checking out the rest of the Energy Times’ interview.

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  • kika mika

    give me a break, 80% vegan 20%seafood? why do you still mention the word vegan? she is a carnivore unless now fish is considered a plant

    • Karina Usach

      She’s not a carnivore – humans are not carnivores. She’s a carnist.

  • The Paw Report

    You’re either vegan or you’re not. I’m glad her diet is mostly plant based. But she’s not vegan.

  • itstillanabomination

    I am currently 80% pregnant and 80% a virgin.

  • twoshadesofblue

    Who cares what it is labeled? She is contributing to her own health, animal welfare, and the common good by eating less meat. US meat consumption is down, cruel practices are changing. In an ideal world, everyone would be vegan, but people embracing becoming more informed and eating less meat is a damn good start.

    • Lea

      I agree with this, though I think labels can be useful. Calling herself something that most people believe to be all or nothing when she is not strict about it propagates the idea that eating animals is alright as long as you like it enough. Which is an idea that is vehemently wrong to so called “real” vegans, who are so called because of extremely strong opinions on the exploitation of animals for human pleasure.

  • Vi

    Then she’s a fucking pescatarian.

  • Laurie

    “I eat a lot of fish. I’m obsessed with oysters,” and they were obsessed with living their lives until you contributed to their untimely death for your palate pleasure. “I say that with a little bit of shame.” Alanis… you have the great privilege, honor and responsibility to influence others. Please join The Abolitionist Vegan Society (TAVS). The abolition of animal use is under way, just as the abolition of slavery was under way 200 years ago. Come down on the right side of history, and you will feel NO shame.