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Schools are back in session! After picking up school supplies, updating your wardrobe, and shuffling through a billion permission slips, don’t forget to make a healthy lunch a priority for the students in your life. Here’s a round-up of vegan kid-friendly meal ideas from across the Internet. While these recipes are focused on the young ones, any and all ages can enjoy these plant-based meals.

The Back-to-School edition of Green Child Magazine has some lunch ideas, many of which are vegan. They also show different eco-friendly ways to pack them, from cute little SIGG water bottles to stainless steel bento boxes. rounded up a plethora of vegan lunch and snack ideas for kids, including Quinoa Edamame Soup, Apple Pecan Pizza, Rosemary Kale Chips, Carrot Cake Muffins, Cashew Brownies, and Oatmeal Fruit Bars. offers “fast, fresh, easy recipes for the whole family,” and they have a vegan category. Treats for your consideration: Kiddie Sangria, Fruit Wands, Persimmon Fruit Leather, Banana Dog Bites, Carrot Chips, Sweet Beet Cookies, and Crispy Broccoli.

You can find heaps of recipes for healthy, plant-strong fare for kids and families via This post also includes nutritional info for all ages and stages.

Fat Free Vegan also has a kid-friendly tab on her site, which includes lots of lunchbox-ready snacks, such as banana-date-walnut muffins, blueberry-oat bars, and Fat Free and Fabulous Fudgy Brownies.

Wowza! Check out these 25 Back to School Sandwiches: Veggie Style! by Kathy Patalsky of (a website name you can feel good about where portable lunches are concerned!). After you drool over that sammich slideshow, check out the Back2School tab on her website for heaps of recipes AND helpful videos!

Vegan Mainstream share their tips on how to pack a great lunch.

If you haven’t checked out the Vegan Lunch Box book, then get thee to Amazon, your local bookstore, or library ASAP.

No fancy health food store near you? No problem. PETA Kids rounded up a list of kid favorite “accidentally vegan” items that can be found at just about any grocery store. Many of the list’s items are NOT healthy, so they’re more of a reference for occasional treats. Skim through the list as you may be surprised by some of those items (plus, the candy section comes in handy for Halloween).

Is the school lunch program at your school a disaster? The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine wants to help. If you want to make healthy changes at your public school, click here. If you want to work on getting a vegetable garden or a salad bar at your child’s school, check out the Whole Foods’ Whole Kids Foundation. has lots of info for vegetarian homeschoolers.  This article, via, is of the perspective of a vegan homeschooling mom. You can read a little about unschooling your vegan kids here.

Hey, college kids! I didn’t forget you either! The Vegan Peace blog has this nice round-up of all things vegan collegiate. If you’re living the dorm life, check out PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook and start rockin’ your microwave.

What are you packing in your child’s lunch box? Sound off in the comments!

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