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Photo: CBS 5

Rose Sharman lost one dog to a car accident in June, an accident that also left her severely injured and unable to search for her other dog, Ily.

According to Huffington Post Green, one of the tires blew out on Sharman’s RV, sending both Ily (short for “I love you”) and Sharman through the windshield. Ily ran off into the desert, but Sharman never gave up hope that she was surviving out there despite the brutal Arizona summer. She also told ABC 15, “I missed her the most at night because she hugged me all night.”

Luckily for Ily and Rose, their Pheonix, AZ community heard this story and teamed up to find Ily. More than 100 people volunteered and set up a search around the site of Sharman’s crash. “If my dog was missing, I would want the world out looking for her,” said one of the volunteers, Sherry Petta. They handed out fliers and even camped out in tents in the desert.

When searchers spotted two dogs walking in the desert together about three miles from the accident site, they set up a humane trap to lure the dogs to them, then listened for sounds over a baby monitor. The trap was also watched 24/7 so that wildlife would not wander in and get trapped. After two months of their search, the dogs showed up.

The volunteers confirmed with Sharman that one of the dogs was her beloved Ily. “I told them to send me a picture. I couldn’t believe it was her,” she said. Rose and Ily had a joyous reunion, after being separated for more than two months. “She jumped on my lap and wagged her tail and started crying,” said Sharman.

You can watch the video of elated Rose and Ily’s reunion below. It’s sure to bring you your smiles and happy tears for the day. And there’s more good news: the dog found wandering the desert with Ily has been recovering with vet care, and will be going home soon. His name is Buddy, and Sharman believes he is the reason that Ily survived so long in the desert summer.

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  • Bill Kauffman

    Oh, how beautiful that a community would come together and help for a human and non – human.