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Max George 'Upset and Angry' After Watching Blackfish

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We can add another celebrity to the list of stars moved by “Blackfish.” Max George, member of the English-Irish boy band, The Wanted, tweeted about the eye-opening documentary recently. The film has been shocking people from around the world, opening their hearts to orcas in captivity, and changing their minds about attending aquatic parks. George’s reaction is no different.

“Watching Black Fish (sic), killer whales should not be kept in captivity. It’s a disgrace. So upset and angry. I won’t watch an orca show again. Heartbreaking,” he tweeted.

If you haven’t watched Blackfish yet, check their website for screenings near you.

Photo credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com

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  • Kasandra Edson

    I hope that celebrities and people of social and economic power whether it is political or just being a public figure will come forward to truly address Sea World and any other parks that hold Orcas in captivity. They are the ones who can make a real difference in spreading the word about the tremendously sad and disturbing life these whales are forced to live for profit. They have the power to start a public and widespread discussion about the inhumanity of these parks. They have nearly if not undoubtedly an obligation to stand up against inhumanity when they are moved by the circumstances of any being that is treated with cruelty and heinousness. I am poor I am underemployed and exasperated by the long hours I need to work to keep my children in a 700 sq ft apartment with food in their belly and education on their minds yet I cannot escape the urge to help liberate others from cruelty and dejection. I find the time to volunteer despite being truthfully poor and insignificant to the lives of 99.999% of the population of this world. My hope is to attain economic power and to use that power to create change. PLEASE Max George if you are moved by something immoral in our society believe that you can make a difference and then you can!

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