Vaute Couture 2013 preorder
by Ali Berman
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Photo: Anthony TwoMoons

If you’re at all familiar with the incredible eco and vegan company Vaute Couture, you know that today is a day that ethical fashionistas look forward to all year long. At about 5:30pm, VC launched their 2013 winter coat line (as well as some other beautiful fall/winter looks), and through Thursday night, they will be available for preorder at a 50% discount. Other collection pieces will be 35% off.

From the beginning Vaute Couture has funded each and every season through preorders. Once the initial 24 hour 50% off discount is over, you’ll be able to purchase coats at a 45% discount for a week. While most winter coats are made from wool or down (two very cruel industries), Vaute Couture’s looks are made from organic velvet and cotton and insulated with Primaloft Eco. The velveteen is made of all recycled fibers lined in a recycled windproof liner. These lovely (and super warm) creations are made in New York City’s garment district. So, you can add “Made in America” to that list!

Not to mention that vegan celebs go nuts for these ethical winter coats. Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone, Andy Hurley (Fallout Boy), Georges LaRaques (NHL) and John Salley are just a few of the stars who sport Vaute Couture. (I’m no celeb, but if I were I’d also add my name to that list.)

All right. Enough of this chit chat. We know you want to see some of the coats. And let’s take a sec to thank founder Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart for helping bring vegan fashion to the mainstream. Remember when the the VC fashion show hit the front page of CNN? We do.

vaute couture coats
vaute couture coats
vaute couture coats
vaute couture coats
To see the full collection, head over to Vaute Couture!

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