Michelle Pfeiffer credit vegan diet for ageless looks
by Megan Thompson
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After a nearly ten-year break from acting, Michelle Pfeiffer is back and looking better than ever. Pfeiffer’s hiatus from the movie industry happened naturally as her children reached school age and family commitments took up more and more of her time. But, now that her children are heading off to college, the 55-year-old is back in full force and co-starring alongside Robert De Niro in upcoming comedy “The Family.”

Aging in the spotlight has not always been easy for Pfeiffer, who has been referred to as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She recently opened up to Ladies’ Home Journal, admitting that “having to watch yourself age on a giant movie screen is simply not natural. It can wreak havoc on your psyche.”

However, Pfeiffer has made some big changes in her lifestyle and says she is focusing on “looking great for my age.” The first step was kicking the bad habits of her younger days. “When I was in my 20s I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. I lived on Marlboro Lights and Coca-Cola,” she recalled in her interview.

These days, Pfeiffer has made the switch to veganism and credits her new diet, alongside exercise, for her slim figure and ageless looks. Three years ago, when she first began eating a plant-based diet, Pfeiffer quickly saw results. “I cut out meat and dairy and after two months my cholesterol shot down 83 points. I also try to exercise five days a week – I run, do free weights.”

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  • Barbara Rocco

    Sorry, but what she most likely also cut out was simple carbohydrates and sugars if she went vegan and raw. That’s what lowered her cholesterol, not lack of cholesterol in her diet. Proven!

    • lele23

      She didn’t say she cut out simple carbs, though that’s a good thing to do, for other reasons. Her cholesterol went down when she lowered her saturated fat intake by cutting out meat and dairy. That’s what worked for me also. (Mine went down 70 points, and I found I had more energy and didn’t get chest pains anymore.) I eliminated animal products and did not eliminate (or even decrease) simple carb consumption.

  • veganomics

    Well done Michelle, I wish you lasting good health, but veganism is about so much more than diet, its about adopting an wholistic ethical lifestyle. Maybe describing her diet as plant-based would be better.

  • Guest

    Of course a couple fillers done by an expensive med spa help a lot alao.

  • Angelica Weihs

    The fillers in her face are done beautifully also.